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Big Bang Boomerang


Illuminate the Human
Eliminate the Inhumane

“The Importance and Accuracy of the Scriptures”
Mostly From memory, some scientific terms & equations’ in spots may need to be clarified or verified.
“Big Bang Boomerang”

Using Names closer to the Original Scriptural Text
YAH as in Hallelu-YAH from-YHWH
G-d- Elohim = Almighty or Mighty One
Jesus-Joshua=Yahshua\Yehoshua  which I was told translates to-
“Yehovah\Yahweh is our Savior”

That’s Bolshevik! Or The [American]
Evolution Revolution

By becoming aware of the Scientific Facts and
accurately depicted Historical  Information
you will be free to make up Your Own Minds
and not be forced to take someone else’s word for it!

“Once you establish a premise”
My Dad told me he heard Alfred Hitchcock declare this,
explaining that it dispels disbelief and allows the audience to accept concepts
they would not normally consider feasible nor ordinarily entertain …

A mini study minute; Science driven by science fiction
Lets look at how much of it got started

The Humanist Manifesto
A declaration of Man!
There is a complete copy of this document that I downloaded
from the internet in the last few pages of this chapter

The humanist manifesto Circa 1933 states To wit;

*Humanism “is” a “religion” and
“We were not created by a supreme being”…

      #1“Religious humanists
      regard the universe as self-existing and not created.”

*They contradict themselves throughout the document

#5: Humanism asserts that the nature of the universe depicted by
modern science *makes unacceptable*
any supernatural or cosmic guarantees of human values*
*Obviously humanism does not deny* the possibility of realities*
as yet undiscovered* but it does insist* that the way to *determine the existence* and value* of any* and all* realities*
is by means of “intelligent inquiry”*
and by the assessment of their relations to human needs*.
Religion must formulate its hopes*
and plans in the light*
of the scientific* spirit*and method*.

(*Statement 1 denies the existence of YHVH, without looking into any evidence! So they deny that which is evident & discovered, *but allow for undiscovered aliens and alien assisted evolution)
* #5 demands “Intelligent inquiry” to be more important than facts?????
To determine what exists and what does not*?!?
And demands religion to change to become more acceptable to the new Pseudoscientific Elite!!!

      #6: We are convinced that the time has passed for theism, deism, modernism, and                 s    several varieties of "new thought"…

*and was a religion developed to control or replace other religions
with so called science & philosophy,
and will establish a religious humanist secular socialized and controlled culture…

    #13:“Religious humanism *maintains that *all associations and institutions*
            Exist for the fulfillment of human life.
    The intelligent evaluation*, transformation*, control*,
    and direction* of such associations* and institutions*
    with a view to the enhancement of human life is
            the purpose and program of humanism.
    Certainly religious institutions, their ritualistic forms, ecclesiastical methods, and     communal activities must be reconstituted*
            as* rapidly*as experience allows, in order to function
            effectively in the modern world.”…

    #14...“a radical change *in methods, controls*, and motives
    must be instituted.*
    A Socialized *and cooperative
    *Economic * Order* must be *Established *
to the end that the equitable distribution of the means of life be possible“* [???]

“Establishing” A secular socio-political-religious “World Order” where they Control the money, political & military power, education information content & direction… Essentially;
The minds, lives, assets & distribution thereof, including the amount of people & areas of residency for the populations of the entire planet.

Even thought the facts of evolution at that time were according to these sound bites;

Sir Arthur Keith honestly stated the facts when He declared;
“Evolution is “unproved” and “unprovable“. We believe it only because
the only other alternative is special Creation, and that is unthinkable.”

charles darwin made it clear; “to suppose that the Eye… could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, Absurd in the highest degree.”
1859 pg. 217
Here is one of the reasons he was so incredulous about his own postulation (even though he did not even have “this information” at his disposal;
 According to some scientific calculations the human Eye has 137,000,000 light sensitive cells in the retina which is less than a square inch, and each individual cell is “hard wired” directly into the pertinent lobe of the brain, and the blood vessels are specifically placed in front to filter out Harmful UV light. 
It must work perfectly to begin with or there would be no “inclination” to
“develop any further” especially if it did not work properly or even at all during its supposed inception.

How about how the first “single celled creatures and their supposed emergences?
They have had centuries to study and prove their theory by now, and
with our technology today there is no excuse for them not to have found their
“holy grail” of proof… observing something evolving right before our eyes and documenting its reality!

Paul Davies declared in the publication ; New Scientist  12 July 2003
Nobody knows how mixture of lifeless chemicals spontaneously
“organized themselves” into the first living cell.”

That is how they confer amongst them selves behind closed doors
{but never to the honest hardworking populations who’s extorted tax dollars pay for their farcical one sided & hypocritical research}.

They convince the people with confident claims of certainty in their conclusions and command absolute credulity! Here is an entertaining example
“We have created life in the laboratory“…

Although in the 1950’s some scientists claim that [Miller?] & Urey combined certain chemicals in the laboratory to simulate the imaginary “primordial soup” and “created” 2 rudimentary amino acids… Using a closed system and a reducing atmosphere “without oxygen” to alleviate oxidization, and pulling the accumulated material before it was destroyed by the very process that assembled it, as it would have recycled through the electrodes that caused the spark, deconstructing it and therefore they were guilty of altering the actual results.
Since they, acted as an out side source intervening in the processes to eliminate the destruction of the product they had “created” which was actually comprised of 85% tar {toxic}, 13% carboxylic acid {toxic}, and 2% amino acids that if they were actually viable could never “live” in the 98% toxic material it was combined with,
(not forgetting to mention that it takes 20 different types [both left & right handed?] to make the  proteins’ for the basic building blocks to variably assemble the combinations needed to “create” and sustain ” life“),
They did not create life nor the basic building blocks, that disqualifies their claims
And shows their propensity to exaggerate their results and accomplishments!

They promote their firmly held dogmatic religious declarations in elementary through higher levels of school textbooks, proclaiming to the people what they want them to believe. Yet with candidly open demeanor they discuss the facts, but typically it is mostly amongst them selves.

“The first living cells emerged between 4 billion & 3.8 billion years ago“…
“There is not record of the event.” pg. 300…
“the first self-replicating systems must have emerged in this organic soup.” pg. 301
Biology  the unity & diversity of life Wadsworth 1992

Ernst Haeckel staunchly believed in ”spontaneous generation“.
Yet in the trial for his fraudulent gill slits theory, where he was decisively “found guilty” of fraudulently fabricating facts & declaring it was actual evidence;
He confessed his reasoning; It is not because it had been proven in the laboratory,
But “it must be true otherwise“…
…“It would be necessary to believe in a Creator.” University of Jena trial in 1875
At the trial he confessed; “a small percent of my embryonic drawings are forgeries; those namely which the observed material is so incomplete or insufficient as to fill hypothesis and comparative synthesis…” …“I should feel utterly condemned… were it not that hundreds of the best observers and biologists LIE under the same charge.” 

He was known to have said that he changed his mind and the direction of his research after reading Darwin’s “Origen…” in 1860

Arian Germans certainly especially heir hitler, believed in and used evolution to put themselves at the top of the food chain and all others below, even deeming many at the bottom so they could justify their eradications of “all” “untouchable, unviable, undeserving & undesirable life forms”

And here is more proof also that the information based on biogenetics still used to this day in text books and programs promoted on TV, movies, museums and so called scientific literature are fraudulent and disproved…

“the biogenic law as a proof for evolution is valueless.”
W.R. Thompson forward to “Origen…“ 1956 edition

“Moreover the biogenic law has become so deeply rooted in biological thought that it cannot be weeded out in spite of its having been demonstrated to be wrong by numerous subsequent scholars.”
Walter J. Block dept of biological sciences Columbia University “Evolution by Orderly Law” Science vol. 164  may 9  1969  pg.684&685

Yet Even with this knowledge, Textbooks still promote the fallacy of embryology even today & are still Using Haeckel’s fully proven and confessed fraudulent illustrations‘.
Heath Biology 1991 table of contents, “evidence for evolution”, Embryology BSCS Biological Science pg. 628 1978

When referring to Haeckel’s fraud conviction and the hoax he had “poorly drawn” Richardson of the St. George Hospital Medical School in London mentioned
that they were still appearing in reference books and said “That is a mystery”
New Scientist Sept. 6 1997  pg. 23

How about the phylogenic trees we are told depict our common ancestry?

Mary Leakey declared in an associated press release on Dec. 10 1996;
“All those trees of life with their branches of our ancestors, that’s a lot of nonsense.”
Stephen J Gould Harvard University.
Evolutions Erratic Pace Natural History vol. 5 May 1977
“The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes
Of their branches; The rest is inference however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils.”

Once again speaking mostly amongst themselves they are far more candid, but when promoting their religion of evolution in many schoolbooks they are very willing to continue the perpetuation of lies to keep the truth as far away from the taxpayers as possible!

Here’s a good one… The diving bell spider; today I was watching the science channel again and I heard the announcer adamantly declare; to wit;
“For millions of years” the diving bell spider, like its terrestrial cousins, breaths air, but lives it’s entire life under water“.
It makes a bubble of air under the surface so it can have a source of water to breath, and since the water would dilute it venom and hinder its ability to dissolve its food…
so it breathes & eats in the bubble. If in fact it had actually evolved, it would have developed an apparatus to be able to breath under water [if it was at all possible] yet it goes to the surface and gathers air around its abdomen and redistributes it into the bubble to be able to live & breath note unlike porpoises‘, whales, sea turtles, hippopotamus and other aquatic air breathers that are claimed to have evolved and adapted these capabilities.

*With the help of certain wealthy, powerful and influential people the governmental officials usurped their authority and over stepped their bounds
purposely breaking the law and establishing a disproved religious postulation
that has been refuted practically each & every mental & metaphysical quantum leap they made.
By pages 4-16 of this chapter of my thesis If you choose to Keep reading you will see by actual & factual evidence researched and confirmed to be validated from many sources both for and against the concept that my statements are reliable and the corroborating information is replete not just in this chapter but throughout this entire dissertation as well!

Of course those few pages are only a taste of the vast amount of historical facts,
scientific evidence, research data, theological and theoretical input I have to offer in this labor of love but much of the extracurricular periphery information interlaced is to apply the pertinent evidence showing the cause & effect of the problems instigated & perpetuated by hypocrisy, ignorance and avarice,
all because of the lack of “factual & beneficial Knowledge“!
Which science is supposed to be standing for and the word “Science” is assumed to mean.

6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
because thou hast rejected knowledge,
I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:
seeing thou hast forgotten the law of YHVH, I will also forget thy children.
Hosea 4:6

If you dare to continue I will be confirming beyond any reasonable doubt that the Almighty ever Present Creator is our father.
His Word is documented in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures
and is completely reliable in its original form
and certainly establishing absolute proof that….

Their religion of evolution, and all religions for that matter, have no foundation in fact!
If you disagree please read this for entertainment and [if or when] you catch me
spewing false information
please let me know and if you are right
I will apologize remove the false declarations, print a retraction and give you credit for exposing my falsehood or mistake depending upon the case.

There is no way I can know everything and look forward to any and all help!
This document is proof, because you will read several retractions
of my own passed beliefs’ because in my studies over the years I found out at times that I was wrong and have tried to make the proper adjustments each time.

Please enjoy

In contrast to what they claim
without offering any factual evidence
that confirms their postulations;
True Wisdom, actual History and
factual Science comfortably coincide

Scientific information documented in the “Scriptures”
    Scientifically searching the scriptures we also see that the Hebrew narratives tell us of the circuit of the Earth and even describe the hydrological cycle explaining rain.
Around 2500+\- years ago;
12 He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion When he uttereth his voice.
there is a multitude of waters in the heavens, and he causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth; he maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.
Jeremiah 10:12-13
2400-2600 years before the scientists figured it out or the weather channel ever existed!

* Dinosaur’s in one of the oldest books ever written
                [JOB 40;15-41;34],
15 Behold now Behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.
16 Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly.
17 He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together.
18 His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron.
19 He is the chief of the ways of YAH: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him. 20 Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play. 21 He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens.
22 The shady trees cover him with their shadow; the willows of the brook compass him about. 23 Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth. 24 He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares.

That sounds like he is Describing a very large land dwelling herbivore with a huge tail and appetite. We find many kinds of animals in the fossil record but only a few types of creatures were like that.

Chapter 41
1 Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down? 2 Canst thou put an hook into his nose? or bore his jaw through with a thorn? 3 Will he make many supplications unto thee? will he speak soft words unto thee? 4 Will he make a covenant with thee? wilt thou take him for a servant for ever? 5 Wilt thou play with him as with a bird? or wilt thou bind him for thy maidens? 6 Shall the companions make a banquet of him? shall they part him among the merchants? 7 Canst thou fill his skin with barbed irons? or his head with fish spears? 8 Lay thine hand upon him, remember the battle, do no more. 9 Behold, the hope of him is in vain: shall not one be cast down even at the sight of him? 10 None is so fierce that dare stir him up:
who then is able to stand before me?
11 Who hath prevented me, that I should repay him? whatsoever is under the whole heaven is mine. 12 I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion. 13 Who can discover the face of his garment? or who can come to him with his double bridle? 14 Who can open the doors of his face? his teeth are terrible round about.
15 His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal.
16 One is so near to another, that no air can come between them.
17 They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered. 18 By his neesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning. 19 Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out. 20 Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron. 21 His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth. 22 In his neck remaineth strength, and sorrow is turned into joy before him. 23 The flakes of his flesh are joined together: they are firm in themselves; they cannot be moved. 24 His heart is as firm as a stone; yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone. 25 When he raiseth up himself, the mighty are afraid: by reason of breakings they purify themselves. 26 The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon. 27 He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood. 28 The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble. 29 Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear. 30 Sharp stones are under him: he spreadeth sharp pointed things upon the mire. 31 He maketh the deep to boil like a pot: he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment. 32 He maketh a path to shine after him; one would think the deep to be hoary. 33 Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear. 34 He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.        
Job 41:1-34

Certainly an animal I have never encountered. Even in the fossil record we find many large and fierce sea dwelling creatures but some of these attributes would be difficult at best to even infer as characteristics’ the animal may have had, smoke from its nostrils, or light and sparks in its mouth but we could not easily verify that archeologically, yet huge sea creatures with air tight scales are not hard to fathom, as we have see some of the specimens’ unearthed or netted and documented in the last few decades.
Around 1977 Japan Netted a Plesiosaur like sea creature some where near New Zealand
I believe, I will add the pictures when I get them.
1938? Coelacanth thought to be extinct, caught of the coast of E Africa

*Extraterrestrials [Ezikiel ch‘s. 1 & 10],
4 And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire. 5 Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man. 6 And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings. 7 And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass. 8 And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings. 9 Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward. 10 As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle. 11 Thus were their faces: and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies. 12 And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went. 13 As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning. 14 And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning.
Ezek 1:4-14
There is a lot more please take the time to explore it for your selves it is worth it.
The flying crafts description is fascinating but much better in the original tongue and script.

Here Saul of Tarsus explains various, life forms, their biological differences,  and planetary objects with their contrasting variances‘;
Describing the constellations and heavenly bodies
with accuracy not commonly known in those days,
Mentioning extraterrestrials and other life forms…

38 But YHVH giveth it a body as it hath pleased him,
and to every seed his own body.
39 All flesh is not the same flesh:
but there is one kind of flesh of men,
another flesh of beasts, another of fishes,
and another of birds.
40 There are also celestial bodies [extraterrestrial],
and bodies terrestrial [Earthly]:
but the glory of the celestial is one,
and the glory of the terrestrial is another.
41 There is one glory of the sun,
and another glory of the moon,
and another glory of the stars:
for one star differeth from another star in glory.
1 Cor 15:38-41

More revolutionary thinking;

Here is some actual factual science
based on verified Historical documentation
for us to explore, share and celebrate;
Let’s start with the controversial concept of the actual author of
the Good News;

I am YeHoVaH, and there is none else; I am [ YaHWeH], and there is none like me,
10 Declaring the end from the beginning,
and from ancient times the things that are not yet done,
saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:
Isaiah 46:9-10

This presumptuous & arrogant “proclamation” must be examined and verified
or theology must be destined to remain mysterious and the concept of a loving, caring, creator g-d  will be constrained & relegated Forever to the mythological orthodoxy;

Let’s say we have never examined and confirmed the prophecies and approach the subject anew & put the concept of G-d [of the Hebrew Scriptures] under the microscope.
Since it seems to be the only Faith they are concerned with eliminating…
besides over looking the facts in possession, if they are right it should be quick & easy to disprove G-d exists…shouldn’t it?
Hypocritically and unscientifically, You never hear them discounting islam which is a violent religion of hate, vengeance and greed, and certainly not based on any factual evidence what’s so ever!

Reiteration of factual prophecy confirmed to be accurate & verified…
Example 1    In more of the annunciations that he received from YHVH,
Isayah wrote about King Cyrus calling him by name
& declaring what he would do before he was ever born!

…28 That saith of Cyrus, He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure:
even saying to Jerusalem,
Thou shalt be built; and to the temple, Thy foundation shall be laid.
Isaiah 44:28

1 Thus saith YHVH to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut; 2 I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:
3 And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places,
That *thou mayest know that I, *YHVH,
which call thee by thy name, am Mighty One of Israel.
4 For Jacob my servant's sake, and Israel mine elect,
I have even called thee by thy name:
I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.
Isaiah 45:1-4

Fulfillment; [partial]
1 Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of YHVH by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, YHVH stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing, saying, 2 Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, *YHVH Almighty of heaven hath given me all the kingdoms of the earth; and he hath charged me to build him an house at Jerusalem, which is in Yahudah. 3 Who is there among you of all his people? YAH be with him,
and let him go up to Jerusalem, which is in Yahudah, and
build the house of YHVH Almighty of Israel, (he is the God,) which is in Jerusalem
Ezra 1:1-3

Also copies from the edict were sent to and found in the areas of the Trans-Jordan, Sinai, Babylon, other magistrates’ in the region, and of course Israel.
Not just found in the Bible
A [Isayah was living and writing around 740-680 bce according to some credible sources.
B Cyrus was king sometime near 538-530 bce and wrote the edict in his first year]
    around 200 years after Isayah documented the Fathers prophecies!
C In the dead Sea Scrolls they found an almost entirely intact scroll of Isayah.
    Clearly establishing a mostly intact and uncorrupted copy of the original text.

Showing with this and the other extracurricular evidence already documented in other chapters also at our disposal, & we will explore more of soon but briefly for now…

Example 2    (Daniel 8:21-23 [written circa 556+\- bce], 11:2-4 [near 536 bce])
Alexander the Great  Circa 332 BCE and he saw a prophecy about himself and that he was even referred to as ‘the king of Grecia’
and the writings predicted his swift conquering melee and quick demise..,
[Josephus Flavius the roman historian born in the first century cites several sources to corroborate these accounts]

Thus when we combine the myriad of Prophecies confirmed to be documented before the future events citing the foreign indigenous peoples of the region who were fully aware of the proclamations of YHVH mighty One of the children of Israel, and had Israelis living amongst them with copies in their synagogues wherever they lived and many times when they traveled such as Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, modern day Turkey etc…
And gather the verification of when the events happened and
examined to be as predicted,
1 We see That the predictions were written before the events and accurate to the text.
2 And that the copies are essentially stating what the original writings said
3 [not altered to mirror the actual events to falsify credibility
as the competitors allege and a tactic they use for themselves
so of course they expect us to act the same way].

We are Scientifically proving YHVH to be the Creator
the One & only Actual Deity that Exists in the Universe!

*Science driven by science fiction

In many science fiction stories in their various presentations We find ourselves about to enter a wormhole that will transport us through the folds of space & time right into orbit around a star on the other side of a black hole, way out in space on another side of the universe, where we expect to find another earth like planet with all the requirements for life,
and there will be Bigfoot’s ancestors that visited earth long ago & left some cousins and his family behind for a vacation and their presence somehow inspired and assisted life on this planet…

Wait a moment, scientifically speaking, in reality isn’t the shortest distance between 2 points a straight line?
And if there were something in between us and our target destination, wouldn’t it be visible in our array of sensors along with these unperceivable, undetectable, invisible so called wormholes.
Wouldn’t we collide with their network of conduits, and objects in the solar systems in the way as we traveled through the theoretical transport tubes?

And how are we to believe that the laws of physics are suspended & do not apply inside of these hypothetical channels even though they certainly do apply in the real world that we actually exist in?

Leave it up to the evolutionist to make up the most incredible theories and avoid true facts in evidence such as actual and authenticated fossilized Dinosaur & Human footprints along with other animals tracks and artifacts all found in the region and carefully documented!
I will have pictures and links for you to explore more on your own
and can make up your own mind.

You are about to see and experience the Contrast between
True Science and Pseudoscience in condensed detail.
Much of this material has been verified in repeated testing
and achieving consistent results each and every time.
Hold on to your hat, and hang on for your life…
We are about to examine another entity, this one comprised of adamant self convinced human beings and their arrogant declarations…
Although evolutionists claim
they do not believe in Absolute Truth;
They absolutely demand they are absolutely right
and we along with everyone else that absolutely do not agree with them
are absolutely wrong!?!
And they absolutely refuse to allow
us to present our side Absolutely!
And the few times we can force our way into the courtroom arena theauthorities refuse to listen or consider the evidence and respond with the same rulings every time…
access Denied! The evidence is inadmissible!?!

Remember if the people found out what they did they would loose everything
they had extorted & embezzled and be punished for their treason and fraud!
Their rulings were breaking the monopoly laws, and against the restriction
of our freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of expression!
and lets not forget our Paramount Rampart the Establishment Claus etc!… 

Here is how they got this particular snowball rolling…

The American government
“Officials” Unconstitutionally instigated and implemented
an alliance of special interest groups at our expense
conspiring intentionally to bring a test case
into the court system to empower and
 Absolutely establish their religion
with their asserted belief of human origins.
*As stated in their manifesto!

In other words brilliantly establishing their professed religion
while simultaneously hindering the freedom of expression for others in their belief! Despite the amendments!

Since the declaration on the official governmental document claims We are Endowed with
Certain Inalienable Rights by Our Creator…
From the beginning of our nation evolution was almost unknown as a cohesive theorem but as soon as it emerged the early leaders [many being believers in,
and the others respecting the concept of creationism and the scriptures that declare it]
immediately deemed it illegal & immoral by law in writing!
And many of the laws made from the very beginning were based on the
Hebrew torah = laws, rules, precepts & Commandments…

Since lenin, stalin, & many others including Hitler celebrated it albeit inculcated with occult and mysticism because the two concepts are compatible, and it was a communistic anti god concept that we in our generation knew to avoid, after seeing the detrimental changes in those countries forced to suffer beneath its death grip over the years.

Yet Our Government Officials Had a different Course for us to Take than specified in our charter in the articles of confederation, declaration of independence,
the Constitution and the bill of rights!
And instead they chose , to turning us by stealth and pretense into
A; pseudo-democratic-federalist-communist-socialist-secular-republic
with governors & citizens or their servants’ and now they are tyrannically & forcibly
moving us from being the greatest nation in the world
to the greatest debtor nation on the planet.
And herding our nation wholly towards mysticism and morphing us from
the worlds most beneficent, affluent & potent superpower
into merely an emaciated and demeaned participant state in the “One World Government“.
*As stipulated in their manifesto;
Many Millennia “After” it was “Prophesied in the Scriptures“!*

One of the ways they did that was that after the last few world wars the “winners” surreptitiously  rescued and rewarded the wealthy industrialist and devoted leaders & scientists of the very nations that caused the wars & conflicts instead of restoring and compensating the war torn victims and their possessions’ & property[!] after the peoples of the nations involved had been slaughtered or displaced and subjugated and then the world leaders rebuilt the aggressors cities and their rich industrialist profiteers wind up being forgiven and empowered to continue business as usual under their new regime and with all new cities, and facilities established by the organizers’ of the war themselves.

All the while we the American tax payers who stated clearly we wanted nothing to do with the wars, paid the majority of the bill after being conspiratorially attacked and coerced into joining in and then after our efforts being both the fulcrum and leverage turning the tide and winning the wars we were forced to pay for, & clean up the mess as well!

And another way is that in some cases we [give\loan\lend\reward\encourage\pay dues\] to communist countries , monarchies and even third world countries freely at times offering enormous amounts of monies in the name of aid and humanitarian service…
(solely at the expense of We the tax payers, and the administrators are well compensated by the officials and distribute the currency as they see fit,

Sadly and conversely the people the help is intended for never receive it, oh a few are chosen for photo ops and Public Relations Propaganda
but they are specifically chosen for that purpose only!

Most certainly It goes directly to the government officials’ [and \ or]
leaders of the [“rebels“, “revolutionaries” or “freedom fighters“],
our government is supporting at the time to overthrow its “official” government)
[then We the Tax payers are told that We magically forgive their debt, and are in fact stuck with it adding to our mounting deficit]

Putting Us multiple trillions of dollars in debt
while our enemies and our politicians’ happily divvy up
our Tax dollars, our revenue, our resources‘, our wealth & our possessions‘…

And by continuing to perpetuate war and pollution all over the world,
millions are sick and dying due to all these calamities that have fallen
on us causing and contributing sickness and disease
[due to their scheme & neglect] all over from the pollution, toxins & poisons’
they allowed when they should have banned them!
so in step with their “modes operandi” and to remedy our complaints to our leaders…
they are making legislation taking away our rights, and resources‘!???
[which fulfils Prophecy also]

The crux of the fulcrum

I will be Starting with the Scopes trial where
special interest conspirators’ persuaded a gym teacher into breaking the law by teaching evolution assuring him they would “make sure”
he was not going to get into any trouble for breaking the law…

then in the courtroom several dozen+\-? ACLU? lawyers conspiritorially
exploited the staging of a fallaciously authenticated  tooth 
to postulate a fabricated and fictitious race of alleged ancient human ancestors;

the lawyers claimed these supposed pre\sub-humans lived a long time ago
and that they had been discovered in Nebraska.
*As stated in their manifesto!

Heralding proudly and posthumously They introduced a tooth as the “Nebraska Man “.
A population of nonexistent semi-post-ape\pre-human beasts.
I’m not sure nor disputing where the tooth was found, just submitting the fraud postulated and then perpetuated upon ‘we the people,’ at the tax payers expense and subsequently detrimentally effecting America and the rest of the Earth’s health & population also.

Willingly aware of the fact that they were Offering the tooth of a pig as evidence of a non existent race of people
and our fictitious  supposed  ancestry!
In spite of the absence of any actual & factual empirical scientific evidence to prove their clandestine claims they steadfastly demanded their belief was legitimate and then unconstitutionally demanded illegal protection and status.
*As stated in their manifesto!

They insisted upon instant entrance and absolute access to Control of
‘their “fair share”’ of influence, $ monetary $ resources $ and discourse direction, content, and presentation parameters throughout the
vital social and educational institutions.
*As stated in their manifesto!

They alleged that the theory deserved equal time with the Creationists’ because
“Presenting only One view of Origins’ is ‘Not fair‘”
and then they turned around and immediately began
to eliminate their only real and actual competition.

Here is what made it all possible…
Down through the ages Fake and hypocritical religious people played follow the leader
making religious clones of them selves and chattel drones of the masses,
using folklore, fraud, legends, loyalty, magic, myth, pseudo-psychology and spiritualism,
all the while making spiritualistic replicates instead of well informed properly trained, faithful, sincere, devoted & honorable disciples.

On the contrary These leaders were Refusing to study and apply the scriptures properly, and conversely reinterpreted the passages.’
Some took parts rewrote them in their own fashion and claimed their G-d prophesied to their “Seers” for credibility, others made a smorgasbord out of it taking bits and pieces amalgamating their own version of it.

Take heed that no man deceive you.
5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
Matt 24:4-5

[as in [short list; constantine, mohamed, charlemagne, nostradamus, joseph smith, mary baker eddie, edgar cayce, ron l hubbard, hitler, rajneesh, jim jones, lord matreya, oprah, arafat, bin laudin, barak hussein obama who is in fact a devoted closet muslim hidden under the guise of the banner ‘christian’ is a chrislamite (need proof? anyone who refuses to call muslim terrorist’s a terrorist and defends their actions when they murder inocent children and elderly people is a devoted muslim!) etc…]

19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envying, murders, drunkenness, revelings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that
they which do such things
shall not inherit the kingdom of YHVH.
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance:
against such there is no law.
24 And they that are Messiah’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.
25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.
26 Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.
Gal 5:19-26

Contrasting the fruit’s that the
Scriptures demand and instill,
with what they and their mystics produced
which were not love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, peace,
joy, longsuffering, gentility, meekness, faith or humility, ….

No not at all, in fact we have overwhelming documentation and evidence that;
It was tyranny, dogma, arrogance, hatred, ultimatum, intimidation, extortion, deception, Forced conversion, subjugation, slavery, corruption, treachery, treason, betrayal, terrorism, bloodshed, & the faithful followers final favor to their leaders & their so called loving G-d in hopes of reward is murder then martyrdom via suicide!

All these are indications of vicious violators, not faithful followers of the Almighty ever-present Creator Yehovah!

They claim to honor; Abraham, Moses, Joshua, King’s David &Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Ezra, Jonah, Jesus etc…
Yet these Righteous Prophets actually point to Yehovah and demand Righteousness & Holiness, in peace, harmony, love and forgiveness for those who wrong you and even to your enemies! obviously they are deceived by their leaders and incredibly hypocritical when it comes to following those they claim to honor and seem to be unafraid to be liars!
Since the quran claims it is acceptable to deceive infidels when they are attempting to gain leverage and control over infidels, and they freely mutilate their women to eliminate sexual pleasure for them… they murder and steal, terrorize and deceive as a rule to gain the upper hand yet they claim love and peace as a religious foundation. The truth be known their version of peace is the same as catholicism & communism; Cessation of opposition, not elimination of conflict and viably searching for a means of peace in truth!

And as a clone with catholicism there is no spiritual power or beneficial knowledge, to offer the world, no loving and righteous prophets with fulfilled and verified prophecy or valid history of peaceful coexistence, just violent takeover, marauding, pillaging, terror, forced submission, subjugation, war, heresy, betrayal, and as far as the leaders are concerned, the people have no value other than drones to serve them and go to war to expand their empire, while they comfortably sit in luxury indulging in pomp and circumstance to entertain themselves. In ritual, all they offer is folklore, legend, and myth!
The only difference from Catholicism is they claim the Hebrew prophecies to be their own which is certainly counterfeit of course, Messiah demanded the good news of forgiveness not hostile takeover! You will know then by their fruits!
Again the precious people were hoodwinked, where do you think the term came from?
Don’t believe me? 1 word “crusades”!
Now as it was For the last 2 millennia;
 All sides [except Israel who just wants to live in peace]
are still  trying to take over the world for their version of god by force
and focused on exploiting and punishing Israel & dominating the land and resources
that Israel actually ownes and posseses not confiscated and occupies as they claim!
they were separated from it for millennia for not obeying the Fathers commands consistently and to the letter, and have finally returned
as the scriptures previously proclaimed many times, many millennia ago. That is the difference between Hebrews and other religions theirs is true and all others are false!
Their only mistake was not perceiving that Messiah had come, which was imposed upon them by the father above to bring the Nations to Him and for them to lovingly bring Israel back to Him as well, but as predicted…only the Father through His Messiah will be able to win them back… Lets go back a little to verify what has been predicted…

8 For thus saith YHVH mighty one of hosts, the Mighty One of Israel;
Let not your prophets and your diviners, that be in the midst of you, deceive you,
neither hearken to your dreams which ye cause to be dreamed.
9 For they prophesy falsely unto you in My Name:
I have not sent them, saith YHVH.
10 For thus saith YHVH, That
after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon
I will visit you, and perform My Good Word toward you,
in causing you to return to this place.
11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith YHVH, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
12 Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. 13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
14 And I will be found of you, saith YHVH:
and I will turn away your captivity, and I will gather you from all the nations,
and from all the places whither I have driven you, saith YHVH;
and I will bring you again into the place whence
I caused you to be carried away captive.
Jer 29:8-14

These show that Israel will be taken away captive and why,
then they will be allowed after 70 years to reenter the land
he denotes in another passage that once more they will be scattered
and then finally re-gathered at the end of the age
indicating where we are in the time line
[there is a lot more on the chronological prophetic time line in several of the other chapters of this dissertation]

10 And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious. 11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that
YHVH shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea. 12 And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.
Isaiah 11:10-12

2 Thus speaketh YHVH Mighty One of Israel, saying, Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book.
3 For, lo, the days come, saith YHVH,
that I will bring again the captivity of my people Israel
and Judah, saith YHVH:

and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers,
and they shall possess it.
Jer 30:2-3
And again
Verse 10 is almost exactly how Samuel Clemens described it in his memoirs‘…

10 Thus saith YHVH; Again there shall be heard in this place, which ye say shall be desolate without man and without beast, even in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, that are desolate, without man, and without inhabitant, and without beast, 11 The voice of joy, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride, the voice of them that shall say, Praise YHVH of hosts: for YHVH is good; for his mercy endureth for ever: and of them that shall bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of YHVH.
For I will cause to return the captivity of the land, as at the first, saith YHVH.
12 Thus saith YHVH Mighty One of hosts; Again in this place, which is desolate without man and without beast, and in all the cities thereof, shall be an habitation of shepherds causing their flocks to lie down. 13 In the cities of the mountains, in the cities of the vale, and in the cities of the south, and in the land of Benjamin, and in the places about Jerusalem, and in the cities of Judah,
shall the flocks pass again under the hands of him that telleth them, saith YHVH.
Jer 33:10-13

Jeremiah [Yeremyah] lived and wrote around 627-585 BCE and was a prophet that was instrumental in sharing with us many predictions that are easy to verify as you can see, we know there were many exiled to Babylon after the battle of Carchemish circa 605 BCE and some returned to the Land circa 538 BCE and then they were scattered abroad after 70 ad\ce and in remained in exile until just before 1948 when they finally & officially returned!
There is your fulfillment of that part in a series of predictions.

Now lets see why…

12 For thus saith YHVH, Thy bruise is incurable, and thy wound is grievous.
13 There is none to plead thy cause, that thou mayest be bound up:
thou hast no healing medicines.
14 All thy lovers have forgotten thee; they seek thee not; for
 I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy, with the chastisement of a cruel one, for the multitude of thine iniquity; because thy sins were increased.
15 Why criest thou for thine affliction? thy sorrow is incurable
for the multitude of thine iniquity:
because thy sins were increased, I have done these things unto thee.
Jer 30:12-15

and I will be glorified in the midst of thee:
and they shall know that I am YHVH,
when I shall have executed judgments in her, and shall be sanctified in her.
23 For I will send into her pestilence, and blood into her streets;
and the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her
by the sword upon her on every side;
they shall know that I am YHVH Almighty.
24 And there shall be no more a pricking brier unto the house of Israel,
nor any grieving thorn
of all that are round about them, that despised them;
and they shall know that I am YHVH Almighty.
25 Thus saith YHVH Almighty;
When I shall have gathered the house of Israel from the people among whom they are scattered, and shall be sanctified in them in the sight of the heathen,
then shall they dwell in their land
that I have given to my servant Jacob.
Ezek 28:25

We know by calendar extrapolations’ and the recorded documents from Jerusalem, Babylon, the Trans Jordan and other regimes of the day & region that
Ezekiel lived and wrote the prophesies during the time of the Babylonian captivity around 592-570 bce and as we just read obviously He was a confirmed & verified Prophet because as we have confirmed Israel has returned And been under consistent pestilent attack as Predicted!

What we just read has happened in our generation!
Because it happened right in front of many of us and was documented for all to see…
We can not deny the facts that the children of Israel were scattered & almost annihilated, and finally returned to and reclaimed the Land and resources‘
as the scriptures declared around 2500 years ago.

Now for a moment lets look at another prophecy partially fulfilled before our eyes and will be fully fulfilled probably while some of us are still living in the future…

1 The burden of the word of Yehovah concerning Israel. Thus saith Yehovah, who stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him: 2 behold, I will make Yahrushalom a cup of reeling unto all the peoples round about, and upon Yahudah also shall it be in the siege against Yahrushalom. 3 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will make Yahrushalom a burdensome stone for all the peoples; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded; and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered together against it. 4 In that day, saith Yehovah, I will smite every horse with terror, and his rider with madness; and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Yahudah, and will smite every horse of the peoples with blindness. 5 And the chieftains of Yahudah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem are my strength in Yehovah of hosts their Mighty One. 6 In that day will I make the chieftains of Yahudah like a pan of fire among wood, and like a flaming torch among sheaves; and they shall devour all the peoples round about, on the right hand and on the left; and they of Yahrushalom shall yet again dwell in their own place, even in Yahrushalom. 7 Yehovah also shall save the tents of Yahudah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Yahrushalom be not magnified above Yahudah. 8 In that day shall Yehovah defend the inhabitants of Yahrushalom: and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as Eloha, as the angel of Yehovah before them.
Zech 12:1-8
In 1948, 1967

The only problem is that when the Israelites returned and worked their butts off & took the malaria infested swamps and barren dessert regions and worked them into viable & productive gardens.
Through hard work and with diligent determination they developed a substantial 
social, agricultural and industrial network, all the while under sniper fire and constant terrorist attacks, as we just read in the passage & punctuated by  consistent attempts at war to drive them into the sea and retake their possessions’ and Land by force because diplomacy and terror are not working!

Those who had basically stripped the region for millennia and who’s religion is based on a  legend not a proven deity!
A religion that is evangelized to the infidels through a method of arguments based upon  unfounded folklore, delivered by persuasive people passionate about their religion and declaring slanderous accusations against Israel and her allies from demanding and intolerant leaders!
Who’s enforcers tactics range from harassment, ridicule, subjugation & threats of boycott or sanction, to Kidnapping, terrorists attacks and suicide bombers!
And for their own followers that doubt and question their faith, the enforcers commit violent reprisals and for lack of dedication and devotion the leaders offer ridicule and corporal punishment! Once again for any independent inquiry into the facts of the religion or for doubting & questioning it, it is a corporal offence and they offer capital punishment to anyone who converts to any other faith!

They were the peoples that let the land deteriorate in to the undesirable wasteland it had become before Israel returned
Then after Israel had done all of that hard work under such horrendous conditions, All of a sudden the arabs adamantly wanted it all for themselves like a spoiled brat & demanded Israel to leave or die, and threatens and attacks any one, and any nation that helps or sympathizes with them!!!
You can not Prove me wrong without lying or exposing just how much you have actually looked into the facts of the issue!

Even though their people own or control large parts on each continent in the Region they want Israel a country the size of the state of Rhode Island [now more than ever], and are willing to kill anyone that gets in their way!

So much for the spiritual revolution for now…
that brings us right back to where we were…
Let’s get Back to the theoretical revolution;
*Therefore because of so many “Religious Counterfeits” evolutionists were able to…

as my Dad once put it …“Throw the baby out with the bath water”

 by falsely claiming Creationism was a non scientific myth
just because all the other religions had been disproved!!
*As stated in their manifesto!
They demanded that their theory was to be exclusive
In ALL the schools and institutions!?!?!?
*As stated in their manifesto!

Which is a blatantly conspiratorial forked tongued,
2 faced, triple entendre act, of treasonous and fraudulent hypocrisy?
Demanding belief in a concept with not just a lack of evidence, proof, or facts but knowingly using fictitious and falsified objects and foundationless postulations and let’s not allow ourselves to forget their actions were 100% immoral & illegal

These tactics Expose their plan and show the double standards
and treachery of their special form of Pseudoscience!?!

[SCIENCE is just a word that means “knowledge”, not truth or infallibility].
But the scientific method is [or at least was] based on testing for
verification or invalidation, if you can not prove a theory to be wrong, then it must be right;
By a standard of thorough examination
producing consistent and repeatable results!
*As stated in their manifesto!

sci·ence [s ənss](plural sci·ences)
1.     study of physical world: the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment

Now Back to the treasonous scopes hoax, and subsequent domination of the Americans’ faith, Resources, money, freedoms, Health, property, time, rights and wishes;

E. G. When “The TOOTH” was studied by honest and objective scientists not just creation scientists but evolutionists as well, they could and did readily perceive and declare it to be a fraud.

The tooth was identified as the dental remains of a pig.
Although I believe the case was not initially won,
it gave them opportunity to appeal the system and continue their
clandestine quest for domination “moving ever forward” towards dominion.

When the facts came to light the true analysis and factual information was squelched and was refused by ‘the powers that be’ to be made public.
Yet in most cases the fraudulent disproved information is still promoted today as if it were true and validated!
And of course the ‘associated groups’ involved were neither exposed nor were the fabricators held responsible for Conspiracy, perjury, fraud, slander, treason or the myriad of other crimes they committed.
Including and especially the ACLU? lawyers!
All the conspirators’ involved got richer and more affluent for their contributions and keeping their clandestine Oaths of secrecy and receiving bribes, protection & favors
for their participation!

The treasonous government officials continued with their fraudulent and conspiratorial campaign to force their false religion down our throats at our expense and using the theory to subjugate and intimidate their legitimately protesting constituents‘! 
* As stated in their manifesto

After the religion of evolution had been established and the leaders had successfully removed and seemingly degraded it’s only competition;
* As stated in their manifesto

A myriad of policies and industries exploded on the scene taking control of how we live, talk, and interact, how we spend our time and effort, what we squander our money on, and what we allow in public or in private, on TV, in movies, and on the internet etc...
If the people actually knew how much money and time were wasted on finding if and trying to prove to and convince us that we evolved
they would see we would not even have a national debt, and
no poverty stricken homeless little children living in the streets with no food in their bellies, roof over their heads
nor shoes on their feet’s!

First off I love space exploration and cosmology but they come after meeting the wants, needs and demands of the Taxpayers! But sadly we actually see…

E.G; S.E.T.I. looking for E.T./ probes looking for water on inhabitable planets, going to the moon and wanting to go to mars are merely a rouse, just another of so many unjust programs to wrangle authority, to allocate vast amounts of money, and use it to wield power,  and control over the population. We will discuss the not so secret government
HAARP program in a little while

Instead of taking care of the citizens drowning in misfortune, which is the excuse they used to take and raise the taxes on us in the first place [after they wasted our money and trashed the economy, promised they would not do it again and raised taxes even more, over and over… remember?!

All of a sudden
We lost the only country ever in the history of mankind
where the leaders were to be public servants;
According to the constitution, they were never to be our masters,
they should be working and we should be getting all the money
and telling them how to live and what to do, and how to do it!
Not the other way around!
    Since their religion allows and encourages them to cheat, lie, steal, rape, sodomize, murder, extort, conspire and obstruct Justice…*they do as they choose and keep their oaths of secrecy and protect each other from us finding out what they are doing and why and how they are doing it and most of all keeping us from holding them responsible for their crimes of treason!

*So called public servants Living as they choose; doing the very drugs and alcohol
[in the jets, helicopters‘,  limos, Mansions, sports cars, Yachts’ and offices
single-handedly paid for by the taxpayers]
substances that a common person would get thrown in jail for publicly or privately consuming, and yet many are consistently under the very influence of those same drugs as they sign yet another bill to continue to criminalize the drugs they consume and also to raise their wages and lower their family and friends taxes, while slipping into the same bill the raising of our taxes and lowering of our wages and abilities to make money.
And for treasonously making filing taxes a misery;
they should be fired stripped of their money and possessions‘, and sent to a communistic or muslim nation to see if they can get away with treason over there.
They  purposefully make it difficult so we give up and they skim the rest for them selves! Please let us wake up and do whatever we can before it is too late!
*As far as our taxes are concerned; they should be sending us a check each ‘quarter’ as dividends on how they invested our money.
Not taking our money away from us and *investing it in companies selling us overpriced commodities’ *that are in actuality causing disease discomfort, poverty and death!*

EXAMPLE’S. *poisoned food & water, *pharmaceuticals’ that cause more infirmities than they treat; *(Fen Fen, anti-depressants‘, *allergy medicines,*birth control etc…)
*[birth control products (causing cancers of the reproductive organs have been confirmed over 40 years ago) *yet yaz was removed and some how replaced with another just as bad and still using a  variation of the formula and using a similar version of the name] etc…

*Political correctness condemning the freedom of speech and condoning hate crimes, terrorism, and the exploitation and extortion of the masses by the leaders, the powerful, the wealthy and the protected status classes only!
    *Wars, depopulation and trimming the fat [those who do not take the oath and comply with the New World Order Will suffer the consequences!

 *    Abortion [ they stipulated that since we evolved we could not control our urges, then in the schools [paid for by our tax dollars (magically not theirs)] constantly and consistently requested, suggested and demanded the children to experiment with all kinds and types sexual experiences, reprimanded them if they didn’t agree or were uncomfortable with it, even when it was against the doctrines of their legitimately constitutional faith,
then told them not to listen to; their parents, pastors, priests or anyone else that may have disapproved!
And implemented the industries they claimed best suited to treat the problem [they caused].

Actually Costing multiple millions each year and literally putting billions upon billions of dollars in the administrators pockets & creating broken families, unwed mothers, single parents, and essentially forcing a burden on society
that otherwise would not have ever existed…
I remember reading a report exposing certain forms of cancer due to taking Birth control pills. Not to mention hormonal imbalance, water retention & weight gain, disease, discomfort and mood swing anomalies‘.
Trying to trick the body into thinking it is pregnant…
Oh right! lets not forget that we murdered billions of innocent precious beautiful little babies!
And only the doctors and administrators benefited, not the volunteers & assistants‘, and certainly not the murdered babies or the poor deceived girls forced into circumstances they were told “most likely would not happen“…

By the way; why would any child living on a farm need sex education when it happens every day right in front of them in their yard and fields?
What they needed was a better FFA program in the schools not sex indoctrination…
But It happened exactly and as unjustly as they had planned so that they could profiteer.

When you look into the origin of planned parent hood you will see they were prejudiced and targeting minorities first and foremost
[to control future voting and power conflicts] no doubt, Making Billions of dollars, probably tax free,
so murdering Billions of babies was just Crimson icing on the baby cake for these
ill-passionate opportunistic treacherous & treasonous traitors!

*When they inculcated homosexuality in the curriculum; a lot of citizens were enticed into a life style they never would have considered had they not been brainwashed for years with a barrage of contrary, contradictory and disproved postulations.
Consequently destroying families and individuals lives while they indiscriminately spread diseases that never could have killed so many if they had just been appropriate in their relationships!
And where were the religious leaders and objective scientists during all this upheaval?
*E. G. Scientifically speaking; if homosexuality was hereditarily inherent in the DNA;than absolutely no one could ever choose or change their sexual orientation!
Yet many homosexuals leave the lifestyle every day!

evidently proving the theory to be factually fraudulent and spurious at best.
And DNA certainly shows that it is not in the genes even though it is in the jeans!???
More on that coming up.
**I was watching TV one day, bored and flipping through the channels during the commercials when I saw Ricky Lake frothing mad and viciously attacking someone
so I stopped flipping and wanted to see what got her so angry.

She as “the host” was encouraging people to become gay
and someone proclaimed his past life of homosexuality and his new life of going strait!
[with his new wife?]
And she started to vehemently attack him and berate him calling him a liar!
Hostile and hateful she intimidated him and claims no one ever goes back and every gay person is happy with their lives….
Right in the face of the facts they insult and harass people that do not agree with them.

Even though he was a former gay he was hated for leaving the life,
that is not tolerance of all life choices, that is spiteful disrespect for other peoples personal rights to choose how they want to live their life
Whether or not they believe in and desire to serve their “god” as “they see fit”…
In reality we find they are merely unjust Hypocrites’ perpetrating hate crimes against legitimate citizens for profit and influence.

As far as the theory of evolution based on the premise of;
“The survival of the fittest through natural selection in the propagations of the species and the acquiring of beneficial characteristics“… allow me to start near the Beginning

*What came first DNA or the first simple life form?
Either way they both declare intelligent design.
Either the Creator did the creature from the DNA up;
Or the simple creature was intelligent enough to develop and record the information by accident;
To document the acquired information for the generations to come in a fashion the descendants’ can assimilate instinctively first time every time or no further generations will exist!

A study in internally documented and stored
Electromagnetic Biochemical Schematics
Including Process & Procedural Instructions

The information in the double strand helix of the DNA molecule Includes but is not at all limited to initial formation, repair & reconstruction, reproduction processes and command code procedures entailing precise scheduling, timing, exacting a Fully functioning immune system in immediate operation, Requiring quality control, recycling cell material inspected and found to be ill assembled, involving friend or foe anomaly recognition and incongruity policing comprising the disposal of  the detected, observed  and  recognized foreign & alien invaders,
[because for some reason we can’t evolve enough to turn them into sustenance or weaponry/ defense enhancements].
 And needs to be done with out fighting against the organisms’ that are symbiotically joined with us as beneficial residents and yet possibly in most cases unknown guests].

The life form needed the ability to rapidly and adequately adapt physically and physiologically to unforeseen variations in environmental conditions from mountains with glaciers, to deserts, to jungles to swamps, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, puddles and the Ocean.

Hazards like toxic food sources, [for some];  sunburn , Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, mud and Land slides & seasonal flooding, and dangers involving
as soon as they could get around to accidentally evolving…
Predators’, or other organisms competing for their food source,
extreme environmental fluctuations, and to modify structurally allowing diversity [in\and] variability [for] survival, developing unnecessary attributes like aesthetics for luring a mate or equipment or strategies for fending off or maintaining the position of the alpha male etc...
 And these specifically designed programs are found Recorded in the cells of all known life forms excluding some viruses I guess, from the ancient fossilized creatures, to all the living creatures today

Starting with the premise based on
“their mathematical extrapolations in the theoretical realm
of possibilities [they call it probabilities‘]”… that;

A living cell could accidentally assemble into and become a viable life form.
Then reasoning if one can then many did [they reuse the same formula for the earth] which gave rise to the theory of aliens, panspermia, ET and early earthly alien evolutionary assistance…
and that is quantum Para-physics & conveniently Not capable of repeatable results or any evidence to examine, yet considered viable authoritative science.

Further more; Neither Compatibility, Regeneration nor Reproduction
are properly addressed therefore;

The First is a multi-posed question for the evolutionist;

1. After the first organism became animate [a viable life form], then sentient [cognizant and aware of itself, its environment and its purpose [if at first only to eat]…],
How long  did it need to live to be able to develop the “notion” of and then proceed with internally documenting its structural schematics, involving; inventing the language and developing and implementing the method of modifying its physiology to store the information after it designs and develops it.

And it must Test by trial & error to verify its accuracy
or die without reproducing and passing on the required information
of the acquired characteristics and retrieved information.

It also needed to develop a way to pass it on with the rest of the required information needed to survive adapt, sustain and exist and reproduce themselves?

2. Why and when did the organism decide to reproduce?
3. When did it decide ripping it self in half was a good way to reproduce?
4. How did it figure out how to do it continuing to exist while successfully and completely passing on the entire DNA program without harming its own and its progeny?
5. How did it decide and implement the split while successfully duplicating and transferring the data yet keeping its own intact?
6. When did one finally decide that ripping it self in half was a bad way to reproduce?
7. How did it decide to choose to share the responsibility with another organism?
8. How could they possibly find a randomly configured organism perfectly compatible to mate with, that had accidentally designed and modified the ‘specifically’ developed parts and processes necessary to efficiently and successfully regenerate life without ending theirs?

9. Where is the fossil record evidence of this supposed primordial soup or for that matter any actual transitional species that have not been disproved by locating other indicator species buried amongst them?

actually taught; Archaeopteryx, considered an absolute “early bird” transition
Actual facts;  somewhere near yet buried in deeper sediments were found birds considered completely avian! Making it previous to the archaeopteryx and not evolved from it therefore disqualifying the supposed “pre-bird” as a transition due to the reasoning of the premise of the geological column!
They know this information and yet still claim it is a transitional species,
that is not honest science it is fraud and conspiracy!
See transitional species section later in the chapter.

10. How are we expected to believe a single celled creature could be an inventor skilled in molecular biology and biochemistry, an author, a physician, an architect, a mathematician, a linguist, and a computer code designer/programmer\engineer, an expert in microscopic artistry, including sculpting protein chains from amino acids assembled from the atomic to the molecular, organizing, arranging and modifying them, then assembling the many genomes… and building the many cell components absolutely necessary and “apparently” designed to provide a specific purpose and perform an exclusive assignment during a precise timeline of construction scheduling and all the data needed to complete these tasks from conception to expiration & is all ready pre-documented and encoded in a microscopic biochemical assembly encrypted within a double strand helix chain and packed with massive amounts of critically specific, vitally important & and incredibly imperative information?
By accident? Faultless and functional the very first time, every first time?

Even if the first single celled life form was some how randomly and accidentally assembled [in the mythical primordial soup], then mysteriously vitalized and invigorated to life somehow without the lightening [that is supposed to have generated them] frying them back into the to dust particles they came from
[Alive by the standards we can all agree as to a viable sentient organism]

Since the DNA molecule is so complex, specific and precise in its design,
function and capabilities…

Genome anomalies’ in a long line of conjoined protein chains with one chromosome being improper can cause Down syndrome.
One bad line of code can be detrimental to the entire organism.
That is a fact.

Back to the government forcing bad science down our throats for profit and culling certain individuals from the population.

*In a scientific context; Since neither weak nor strong “homosexuals”
reproduce [they only recruit] Hence the term…

    alike, same homograph

it seems detrimental to the theory of “natural selection in propagating the species by reproduction and passing on acquired characteristics‘, for the survival of the fittest“
it self, and actually provides the exact opposite effect than it promises!
Homosexuality in no way propagates the species nor passes on acquired characteristics‘,
It does not make the fit survive nor naturally select anything other than unhealthy sodomy.

Since DNA builds bio-machines that reproduce sexually,
the individuals’ should be following the design and fulfilling their purpose,
but what we see is the exact opposite in these cases.
*If it actually is in the DNA;
Why haven’t they evolved a way to reproduce?
Why would homosexual animals evolve organs that would
create and distribute sperm or eggs when there is no cause for its use?

Why develop organs with specifically designed senses that would detect and alert them to estrogen levels and stages of maturity to instigate the reproductive drive if they had no internal inclination to “swing that way” as it were.

For that matter why would they evolve sexual organs at all?
It would be a waste of “Reengineering” and steal valuable bodily resources to accommodate an unnecessary appendage predetermined to be a vestigial organ!
Why not put that energy to something more beneficial for the organism like generating  wings and “Regressing” back to the multitasking and absolutely useful Hand-Feet we are told supposedly devolved into our present day feet?…
4 hands would certainly be Very handy!?!

Now lets continue Further observations of the changes in America and the world
post evolutionism hostile takeover;
*When Problems cause the people to reach out to
their supposedly “elected representatives”… who put in god we trust on the dollar bill.
And took the Scriptures & prayer out of schools and public places…
 Unfortunately we find that; they no longer feel the need to tell the truth
or do their job as they promise and take public oaths to perform…
1 Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed; 2 To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless! 3 And what will ye do in the day of visitation, and in the desolation which shall come from far? to whom will ye flee for help? and where will ye leave your glory? 4 Without me they shall bow down under the prisoners, and they shall fall under the slain. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.
Isaiah 10:1-4

[Many or most, but not necessarily all are proven untrustworthy and do not have our best interest in mind] of course I am referring to our so called “public servants“ starting with the best paid  most influential, and powerful groups, we see that;
    *Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, and many Religious Leaders as well, are
“birds of a feather” attending the same or similar schools,
Some Joining Multiple and Assorted Secretly Associated Fraternities, Clubs, Dens, Lodges, Guilds, Societies, Associations, Organizations, Leagues, federations, etc…
[Taking the same or analogous OATHES], first of all to protect and cover the reputations of their leaders and secondly the fraternal code covering each other when caught, observed or accused [and they certainly do protect and cover each other instead of protecting and serving the public as promised and advertised [that is fraud, treason and so on…] when observed and accused in crimes of immorality, fraud, and treason etc… they cover their butts and expose and spank ours and that of those that choose to expose them!?!…when you see how they manipulate the courts by specifically filtering in beneficial jurors or disqualifying candidates that would disturb their advantage.
And don’t forget the jury duty lottery process to call up for service, it is a prescreening process, they know our life and activities through our expenditures. Electronic communications including email, eBay, epay, phone calls both landline & cel and our vocational & recreational associations.
just as they know how to identify their confidential fraternal associates and surreptitiously qualify them to sit on the jury and consequently control the verdicts and the system.

e.g. Our government mostly in agreement with the
other Foreign  Government’s “specified Officials”
and influenced by wealthy & powerful industrialist’s & businessmen waiting in line to profiteer off of the chaos they are also about to cause;
Humorously Irate I reiterate, In their own words
“order out of chaos“!
The leaders in and behind the governments involved, horrifically including the major religious leaders also agreed [against the will of the peoples actually forced to fight in the conflicts] to Initiate and perpetuate unnecessary and detrimental wars to further their control and domination over the populations & make the decision of which citizens to eliminate and which to incorporate Into their society of oath taking loyal unquestioning followers solely to instigate the institution of…the not so secret anymore
New World Order,

a single governmental ruling class of people who have taken an oath of secrecy to honor and obey without question, Following the loyal leaders whose master is the God of forces!
Novo-Pax-Romana  [I’m not making this up and I am not insane I‘m sounding the alarm]

Realigning the Authority structures, and slaughtering a lot of innocent people to reduce the population and save the wealth for the leaders and their faithful followers;

Most if not the majority of the dead and wounded that become casualties in the wars and conflicts, are not these loyal oath takers… no certainly not, they are just loyal citizens who were Squelched, terrorized & exploited tax paying peasants’ like many of us.

Remember Tiananmen square?

Tian·an·men Square [tyn n mèn skwér]
square in central Beijing: a large square in central Beijing, China, that is a traditional site for festivals, rallies, and demonstrations.
In 1989, it was the scene of a pro-democracy demonstration led by students in which hundreds were killed when troops were ordered to clear the square.

Similarly Here is an Example on our side of the pacific:
in the same dichotomy of contrasting directives & goals;

Our government officials publicly condemned the Chinese leaders and military for their inhumane crimes against their citizens, yet what our officials felt in actuality is about to be exposed … so in light of this reminder lets read on…

While the American Citizens were mulling over the issues; They perceived problems with the Motives, goals and expenditures as in the government confiscating & hording all the resources crippling the economy and restricting the ability for the taxpayers to earn the money and share the wealth of resources’ actually owned by the people and not the government;
Mostly we were told it was due to foreign policy & the economy via oil prices and the War  [the “War Machine” which was driven by the industrialists’ at the behest of the wealthy powerbrokers influencing the politicians, Judges & lawyers to perpetuate the campaigns.]

The people questioned the reasoning of the leaders and exercised their constitutional right to freedom of speech and assembly and were discussing publicly how they felt and were trying to start an intelligent dialogue, with the rest of the citizenry to
entreat the leaders into doing what they the “We The People” actually want & demand
and what the Government actually is by law commanded to do!
Which is protect the citizens from all improper forms of danger  & hostility from both foreign and domestic enemies…

What the government official’s Actually did instead of obeying the will of the people
Was, the exact opposite of their duties and responsibilities by
sending in the National Guard

[a military organization formed solely to
protect the Tax Paying Citizens on their Own Soil
from foreign and domestic hostiles]

May 4, 1970; involving the illegal and immoral shooting of 67 rounds in 13 seconds at unarmed college students exercising their constitutionally protected rights of freedom of assembly by cowardly & unpatriotic members of the Ohio national guard by the unlawful directive of their treasonous commanding officers at the order of the murderous traitor and member of the illuminati richard nixon who was perpetuating the war that the people did not ever want to participate in much less desire to continue maintaining or paying for!
They “illegally and immorally” invaded the Kent State Campus to squelch the “Freedoms” and “Message” of the “Constitutionally Protected Assembly“,
[several soldiers were secretly instructed to Kill, and the others followed suit by not arresting and punishing the cold blooded assassins who in fact were governmental terrorists‘ and rewarded for what they had done]
they in turn terrorized and slaughtered innocent taxpayers who were not Causing any trouble and not breaking any laws;
Who in fact were not legally or properly Treated or Warned, nor were their constitutionally protected rights to being “served subpoenas” and having a “fair trial” honored, which are the essence of the due process Laws
[which in fact are rules they reserve as loopholes but only for themselves, their family’s and friends or those who are rich and powerful criminals!]

They did the same thing when they slaughtered those people in the Waco residence usually referred to as the compound. I could have told koresh he was not the messiah…
but that was no reason to invade his land and murder he & his family & friends!.

They could have waited till he went on his morning jog or called him on the phone to ask him to go down town to answer a few questions but what did they do?
They spend 57 days laying siege and using terror tactics on innocent taxpayers and their children!

Citizens that the law enforcement officials took an oath to and were obviously overpaid  & unqualified to protect.

If you must be prejudice towards the parents for some reason please do not overlook the innocent children that were under siege,
The fact that without warning trucks unlawfully invaded the property swiftly and immediately began to fire into the residence unannounced, conspiratorially, illegally and by stealth, While at least 15-17 children under 18\yo were inside with their families minding their own business not breaking any laws and suddenly bullets and fragments are flying around injuring the inhabitants!
An attack to instigate a retaliatory response to justify a reason to annihilate them but the family responded by protecting their children at first yet stopped defending themselves when they saw it was the police attacking them & they called the media communicating their innocence and willingness to comply over 56+ days so since they reacted peacefully the officials had no other choice than to change their tactics and continue to try to make it look like a legitimate siege & eventually to put an end to the fiasco the family was murdered by piercing specific places in the building for ventilation and Cs gas being pumped into the complex from several vantage points then exploding due to the military firing precisely aimed incendiaries’ into the facility igniting the gas then after the officials caused the out of control fires the taxpaying citizens along with their innocent children were fired upon as they tried to escape the flames furthering their treachery!!!
Then if that was not enough the sheriffs’ and FBI, FEMA and  other officials sworn to protect and serve the taxpayers refused to allow the fire fighters the right and opportunity to rescue the citizens they were sworn to protect, serve & save!
So consequently the innocent citizens and their children were intentionally
and purposely attacked, harassed, tortured & burned to death
[buy the government organizations’ formed and overly funded
and specifically & formidably under trained
to protect them from these very circumstances’
but adversely they were successfully conditioned and trained to invade, attack,
terrorize torture and kill  them!]
Just like the muslims do it! Slander, Attack, threaten, justify your hateful cause, terrorize and blame the victims for the attack! Etc…

Innocent taxpaying Citizens and their children Tortured, taunted, poisoned with Cs Gas
[a gaseous explosive chemical poison deemed illegal to use on our enemies by a lawful convention yet used on innocent children and citizens minding their own business in their own home] that is a capital crime deserving a capital punishment!

What would You, or Me or anyone else do in that situation?

Where were the media watchdogs that declare how aggressive they are
in getting the truth to the people?

Where was the ACLU?
Where were the other church leaders, PETA, the save the whale foundation, local law enforcement… Hey Wait Just A Minute Now Would Be A good Time for the national guard to come to the rescue and do what their charter professes,
Am I wrong? this was a perfect time for them to do as they are actually paid to do,
but sadly and certainly????

The president, congress and house of representatives, including law enforcement officials
all who are sworn and paid to come to their rescue as the Laws of the Land demand, were not doing as they claim in their campaign speeches and commercials‘.
But what was the reality of the situation?

They were actually staging & choreographing it and were absolutely in on it celebrating and laughing amongst themselves and their friends about how they did it and got away with it!

Instead of being at the ready to protect the citizens when they are attacked just like those precious innocent little children were.

The government officials incited and perpetuated an illegal siege & slaughter
and covered their tracks by destroying the evidence and burying it.
Public servants paid to protect but in fact were murdering the very constituents’ they swore an oath and cashed their paychecks to safeguard!

As you can see they have no problem killing and striking fear into the hearts
of those they are paid well and sworn to “protect and serve“!

Regardless’ of how you feel about the family religiously or the protesters at the campus,
And many other atrocities that I will certainly address including the prejudicial treatment of the African Americans’ and other minorities and last of all the underdog of the ages those precious people erroneously called the Jews, the children of Israel.

This is America land of the free and home of the brave!
what transpired is an atrocity and should never have happened.
If we did nothing to help & protect those mistreated peoples, or even worse contributed to them or looked the other way, How can we expect any one to come to our rescue if something like that happens to us?

You will notice the KKK & Nazis’ the muslims & muslim subsidiaries’ terrorize and murder and spew their hatred publicly and there are the police and the ACLU and the judges along with the politicians, protecting the hate criminals not the people that are forced to listen to their hateful and illegal propaganda and tolerate their public displays of prejudicial bigotry!
All Using G-d as a reason to hate all the while most of them claiming some sort of belief in the bible when it suits them. Here is what the scriptures say about it, and I quote…

21 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill;
and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:
22 But I say unto you,
That whosoever is Angry with his brother without a Cause
shall be in danger of the Judgment:
and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

23 Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar,
and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee;

24 Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way;
first be reconciled to thy brother,
and then come and offer thy gift.

25 Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him;
Matt 5:21-25

 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses,
your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses,
neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.
Matt 6:12-15

So there is no excuse, reason nor opportunity for hatred, prejudice nor bigotry!
Those possibly precious people were morphed into hateful spiteful criminals and hypocrites‘ all by reinterpreting the scriptures, inculcated with evolution and secular indoctrination, using propaganda and manipulation tactics!
Broadcasting a barrage of Bad Science to achieve a secret clandestine goal!

Back to the issue at Hand;
The cost of the multiplicities’ of conflicts and campaigns [were and still are,
since the wars still continue and the cover up method remains the same as well],
wars cause a massive draw on the resources and population, and many people are killed [murdered] for no good reason other than power and wealth for the leaders, & a realignment of resources’ which here in America the leaders consider the people to be according to the social security dept. small print.

Of those that survived these heinous conflicts and police actions, which were actually  wars as far as those fighting were concerned, many were wounded and will be Physically and mentally scared for life, not only due to the horrific situations they were forced to encounter and participate in against their will and religion, but also due to the reception they received when they returned from slaughtering peasants in their own back yard defending them selves and their families against Hostile foreign invaders!

Not only were the soldiers wounded and traumatized, but they were punished for losing the war they in no way started nor wanted to take part in.
they were also hated for the problems the leaders caused.

And do not get me started on all the drugs and contrabands the military officials were illegally bringing back into the states by stealth with no customs inspections.

Back to the Kent State University Massacre, In essence
Nixon [a member of the Illuminati] gets the national guard
to intimidate, threaten and shoot to kill,
innocent protesters exercising their constitutional
Right to Freedom of Expression , Speech and Religion
which for many types demands Peace
(unless I guess you are a catholic, muslim or other chirstian groups like the aryans, & kkk, then it seems:
War, forced submission, and Terror are to be the way they interpret gods will to be!
And how they spread their message of their version of love to the ends of the Earth)
[But rationalized & romanticized in the history books and on the learning channels’ they distribute to the students and citizens]

All appear at times to proclaim Love and amongst their inner circle it seems they do share a little between themselves & their families but among their own people that are not favored, devoted enough according to their leaders‘, or not loyal oath takers,
they are harsh violent and intolerant to say the least!

And yet in reality for the majority of outer circle contestants
most of the time in actuality all they distribute is hate, terror and violence.
“You shall know them by their fruit”

All you need to do is scrutinize their recorded history’s and compare them to their
Then compare that information to the scriptures they claim to believe and honor
To see [if\that] they are not afraid to Kill and cover up the reality of the situations
and hide the truth of their actual actions and goals
which is the exact opposite of the commandments they claim to obey
negating their credibility and authority.

So conclusively we see that the catholic church, including some other denominations’ and faiths , and recently most notably the muslims,  all these religious groups of whom many must take an oath of loyalty; are in controlling positions in the various governments on earth have the same methods, goals and accomplishments!

All hate Israel some secretly many openly, and fight against them together openly &
behind the scenes. Fulfilling the Scriptures once again.

Truth be told; certain people in Our government were aware of and clandestinely supported the holocaust atrocities’ for years [FDR was aware of a lot more than you probably care to know], but ignored the intelligence reports and finally told the reporters ‘in direct orders’ to stop sending them those types of messages‘, they were fully aware of the information and were not interested in hearing any more about it.

Then when We supposedly won the war, and saved the World from the terrible monster, And freed the kidnapped, stripped, and tortured refugees,
Israel’s entrance was refused or radically restricted  in every country
that they tried to find sanctuary in by immigrating to including America!

And they were eventually sent back to Germany or parts of Europe that were filled with the very christian people that subjugated and punished them during the war, and hated them & blamed them for the war, many of whom were eventually murdered or killed,
or died of starvation due to the poverty imposed upon them by those
“Christians;“ Who instead of loving and caring for them as they were commanded to do in the ‘scriptures by their christ‘, they allowed and even assisted in the events of the war and then afterwards, mistreated, despised and vilified the Victims that suffered Far more than anyone else & in fact suffered the most, and experienced the worst part of the war…

They Were using god and jezeus [as well as evolution] as an excuse to exploit, remove, strip them of their possessions, and \ or destroy Israel… and…
Yes even America refused and restricted their safety, security, and immigration!
I am not lying check into it for your self!
But when you do, you will find out I am right, and the animosity you [may have]
felt towards me as you read the last few sentences or paragraphs will cause you to need to repent.

Back to the exposition
*Politicians, Judges and Lawyers with Psychologists’ and Religious leaders Fortuitously eliminated the death penalty for them selves and for vicious and violent murderers and dangerous “recitative” criminals, fabricating & utilizing loopholes and justifications to put them back out on the street again to*[repeat what they did to get thrown in prison in the first place] terrorize and rob the innocent taxpayers who
in turn will get put in jail for protecting their family and possessions‘
when their home is broken into and their lives are threatened,
only then resurrecting the penalty when an honest citizen defends themselves
or defies them by pointing out the violations and improprieties of the government officials or their “family“, “friends” or “associates“, and dares to demand Justice!
It is absolutely true! Possibly more on that later.

The government seems to be under the impression our money is theirs and we need to give them more & more every time they misuse and waste what they just took from us!
They hinder the economy and restrict our earnings & raising our taxes over & over again to make up for it! all the while giving them selves raises and perks!
And lowering their own, their friends & their families taxes and raising their family & friends’ income!

*How? I am glad you asked…

1    By forcing us to spend trillions of dollars on oil we did not need and
refusing to allow us to use the coal, oil and natural Gas in, on and under our own soil!
Which as a citizen you and I owned free and clear until they stole it away from us,
and with out a doubt; all levels and layers of society would have had incredibly lower prices, and greater resources’ to choose from & share;

which would have fueled the economy so much that “we the people”
could have and would have bought the entire earth and shared the “American dream”
and way of life, with every human, animal and plant on the planet…
if they had not leveraged our resources away from us using the
tragedy- recovery style of hostile take over approach.
[If we took the monies allocated for the SETI project alone and used it to build under water turbines in the oceanic currents we would have energy to spare!] just one of my invrntions from the 1970’s

Dialectic tactics; cause a problem, offer a solution, collect All the funds,
then control the $, information, the leaders, the process and the out come.

2    by giving hundreds of billions of dollars to terrorist organizations’ [like the PLO and many of the others] and many if not most muslim countries Leaders
in the guise of assistance but in reality reward, dues, and appeasement!?!?!?

All the while boldly proclaiming the notion that they do not negotiate with terrorists…
its true they capitulate to those who hate us [because they are all of the same mentality] even though followers of Islam publicly declare that they want to kill Israel and Americans they surrender to them what ever they demand
so in essence they do not need to negotiate!

Yet they refuse to care for the taxpaying American citizens in need!
What happened to The Poor people of the New Orleans Region is proof of that
during and after the hurricane.
Even though all the money they collected and stored, is actually owned of, by, and for the People! The people went without and many lost almost if not everything they had and then they were deported and relocated instead of replenished and compensated as the law stipulates…

3    by sending jobs and industries else where and taking what the Father had given us and using it for the kingdom darkness!
Of course fulfilling the prophecies,
and indicating to us where we are in the time line!

4    By allowing the FED to vacillate and oscillate the economy and perpetuate the farcical national debt!

Alright now kids hold on tight
If what the information I received is true.

The American people had their money extorted and given to the FDIC
[friends of the politicians, lawyers and judges]
[otherwise they would have refused to duplicitously comply]
but since the bankers and “authorized officials”
were higher in the “OATH authority chain”
enabling them to manipulate them into treason and treachery]

    The FDIC was to match the funds and
give us credit as we continued to invest,
and lend to us if and or when we needed it.
Sadly the fact is that we paid in
but they did not match our funds!

Yes! they have been lending us our own money!

Immorally and illegally multiplying their portion magically,
and charging US interest on our own wealth!
That is brutal.

all leveraged at the behest and in the full awareness of the bureaucrats
“appointed” by the “supposedly” “elected” representatives
and all the while they clandestinely accepted their cut and invested in the Fed and stock market which is treason, fraud and a conflict of interest!…

And do not get me started on how the citizenry was forcedly and forcibly fleeced out of their Gold supply, and the officials demanded, collected and stored for a short time, then sold our gold to foreigners at pennies on the dollar and then removed us from the gold standard economic foundation, and that mostly is how the American’s fort Knox gold supply was looted!?! And the destabilization of the economy was enhanced and perpetuated. and do not forget the illegal legal gambling of the stock market with its insider trading; [j p getty \ joe kennedy, the rockefellers, georges’ bush, martha stuart etc…]

Back to the real state of the union;
Adversely People are suffering more every day from sickness and disease due to more than a century of purposeful deliberate & unbridled Pollution.

Many Industries were invented to purportedly relieve the population of this easily preventable intrusive, selfish, illegal and Immoral contamination.

The government [EPA, OASHA…] demands and collects monies from us to protect us from any dangers and restore us to health if we need it due to “supposed” anomalies‘

[Welfare, Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid…].

Part of protecting us is surveying the environment for actual and possible hazards,
and enforcing safe conditions, practices and processes;
Holding the violators responsible for their Harming the Environment, Resources and it’s Inhabitants [that‘s us our families and pets along with the other indigenous life forms living amongst us, including the plants and animals we eat every day, some better than others]…
It is not only what they promise, and cash their checks for performing,
But It has in fact Been written into Law which makes it their absolute responsibility.
Yet in Reality what We actually observe when We investigate is that…
    *Pollution [caused by rich industrialists [who have taken the same oaths in various forms of associated fraternities and are in fact “friends” and or relatives with the politicians and judges using lawyers to get away with their environmental violations which are capital crimes deserving capital punishment]

they declined their duty, the law, and advertised promises to be ecologically responsible, and on top of that even after being caught & exposed, just to save even more money they bribe & coerce the officials in charge &
they continue to refuse to clean up their mess, perpetuating the build up of pollution
& purposely causing the loss of the quality of life for the taxpayers,
& death and disease of the local inhabitants],
leading to; radical local pollution and contributing to global contamination…

Creating monetary gain for researchers, doctors, psychologists’, pharmaceuticals concerns, hospitals, insurance corporations, and Cemeteries’ & mausoleums owners etc… and reducing the population.

All the while leveraging New Rules and restrictions upon the American people
but no other countries or peoples as much as we are in the US as far as I can see.

So We are to be Punished for the industrialists that caused the problem as we are sick and dying due to the very pollution we are demanding they clean up and protect us from which they refuse and the EPA,OASHA, and BOLI all overlook and protect the violators, and receive their bribes for their duplicity. They are supposed to be studying and protecting us from all forms of pollution and unhealthy conditions!…

yet we are sick and dying from the poisons on the crops as they use before during and after they are planted, sprayed with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides through out the growth, harvest, storage and transport processes.

*The EPA, UL, FDA, OASHA and BOLI are all government organizations’ paid to protect the taxpayers from harm,  disease and death from poisons, pollution and unsafe or improper situations in society and the work place, unsafe products…

Yet they refuse to do the job they are far too highly overpaid to perform and
took an oath to accomplish.
Once again sadly they take our money
and do the exact opposite of their charter and prime directives!
[as in allowing industry to get away with not paying for proper ecological processes and assuring safe or safely contained byproducts, with proper storage for those we can not safely accommodate]

I have several personal experiences to share in quite a few industries over the years;
But I will try to keep it brief;
The following story and commentary should be focused on the customers, employees & contractors, no sympathy towards myself as usual, but I am submitting this information as a witness of what was suffered so that you will know that the account is in no way hearsay!

I worked for the regal cinemas theater chain in Knoxville, Minneapolis, and bend Oregon for 5.5 years and saw and documented scores of unsafe conditions and improper treatment
that I had personally witnessed and or experienced in each location and somehow despite what they advertise and declare in the manuals that we were to read and sign a document promising to follow procedures and to follow through to completion…
yet myself and my fellow employees kept getting in trouble for following those very same company mandates???.

Costing us raises, promotions, bonus’ authority and  position.
And certainly my case specifically purposely putting me along with the rest deeper in debt and very much by design!
*They refused me training in my first month after I was caught
sympathizing with a customer and letting him and his girlfriend
leave with some money still in his pocket
I kid you not!!
I was reprimanded and discriminated against because he wanted some money to take his girlfriend out to a nice dinner after the movie!
All I did was offer them every item on the menu as demanded by management then when he heard the prices and did the math out loud and mentioned their dinner and He then declined on the candies and just took the popcorn and drink which was a total of $35.50, 18$ for the tickets & 17.50 for 2 drinks and some popcorn in 2004 outrageous !
 I sympathized with him by nodding my head and smiling
[which is all I am aloud to do] when he said that the Dinner was more important than the unhealthy snacks that would ruin their appetite and use the money they needed to eat at a real restaurant!
I thanked them and told them to enjoy their movie and did not coerce him out of his remaining cash!!! And was reprimanded and restricted from training, raises & promotions!

regal was not paying me what they had promised and was purposely keeping me just above the poverty level and unable to get out of debt,
and refused to give me raises and promotions, using my poverty and declining credit to manipulate & leverage me by fear to comply,
and when that did not work they got creative and rewarded the favored managers with raises & promotions for helping them cover up the accidents and blame the employees;
that is when I stepped up the investigation!
The employees were trying to do a good job!

When I exposed the fact that the employees were not at fault and management was
they most assuredly stepped up the rewards for falsely accusing me of “insubordination” [when in actuality I was obeying the law and company policy
by documenting the corruption I had witnessed and uncovered in the company]!

Fallacious accusations To create the appearance of my being a trouble maker.
But every incident was caught on tape and recorded [but they would not release the tapes to me for evidence and specifically had them destroyed ]because they would have shown them attacking me when I caught them breaking company policy and the laws of the land! and the accidents were all caught on tape and they would have exonerated me as well due to my documenting many of the hazards before the accidents took place! Absolutely true ask many of my employees!

Many injuries our team suffered were in areas we had been trying for years to get them to address.
Many times being harassed and threatened by the favored managers who were
the ones responsible for performing the duties and getting paid for it but not doing them and then slandering and harassing us for pointing out the issues and trying to follow through once again as the law and corporate manuals stipulate.

So since they knew of the issues and terrorized the honest and faithful workers obeying the law & trying to honor the company policy of safety and propriety…
Then that is fraud, harassment, discrimination, reckless endangerment, gross criminal negligence, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, Larceny etc…

Coupled with Destroying my documentation, photos and the disintegrated light fixtures constitutes an even larger pile of destruction of evidence & that Makes them guilty of even more Obstruction of justice.
All absolute Facts & evidence in possession not allegations in any way!
What is alleged is when regal legal contacted OASHA they said
they were not aware of the complaints or the employees pain and suffering
and had already done all that was needed for the issue.

stanton thomas said that was an “adequate response”
despite of the fact that he had in his possession for possibly a year by that time
an email chain where several managers said they had been complaining
since they were floor staff but were berated for their complaints,
equating several years further back in time so
that is proof of perjury in an official government investigation
in the face of the facts in evidence and in the face of the American taxpayer!

Emily said they were complaining of headaches’ and eye strain and discomfort!
After looking directly into the sun sometimes unable to escape for hours at a time!
I know personally because I worked and was forced to look directly into the sun and it was In fact many inescapable hours a day 5-6 months a year
and the local meteorologist says this part of the desert receives over 300 clear days a year!

case thornton the GM said in that very email chain “years ago we discussed“…
Showing several years of prior knowledge and interface involving their pain, suffering & complaints!

I have and had submitted this to OASHA after I found out they were forced to suffer  and were forbidden to protect them selves, and informed  BOLI when OASHA refused to investigate the facilities to either confirm or refute my claims and several eyewitness accounts from the other managers in writing with actual eyewitness’ documentation in emails including those where they were threatening and harassing me, and claiming there was no evidence…
Of course not! That is what I had been submitting for over 5 years!
I gather the evidence they destroy it and I consistently got in trouble for continually resubmitting it as the law and corporate manuals demand!

Yet every time I told HR about the need to save and observe the video evidence and documentation of what I had been seeing and experiencing I was punished, and removed from position, authority, raises & promotions!

I gave copies of those emails to OASHA & BOLI as well.
Yet all departments involved government and corporate acted and spoke the same way and attacked and insulted me, my customers & employees!

And every one of them diminished the complaints and declared
“ I don’t believe the employees were looking into the sun for very long“,
Even though I replied all you need to do is subpoena the video surveillance recordings and we could fast forward and document factually how much time they are in fact forced to endure for hours as originally stated in testimony and submitted several times.
and refusing to admit looking into the sun for any amount of time is hazardous without adequate proper and Actual protection as the law demands shows their lack of care and concern for the employees and customers, because it causes them to make mistakes costing the customers time & or money!

They were All openly callous and unconcerned when I discussed several of the incidences and read them the documentation that corroborated my statements of where employees and the customers had been injured after the hazards were documented and submitted!

BOLI refused to even examine the material I sent them and they even sent it back to me. That’s our tax dollars at work!

We get minimum wage and bust out buts under duress and harassment
and they get loads of money and refuse to do their job
putting us and our families in harms way careless of our suffering and stress!

If anyone dies due to their negligence {and at least one customer I am aware of came close} That is a capital crime and deserves a capital punishment!

To top it all off they constantly told me I was never going to get them to do anything,
and no one else was going to make them do anything, so I should just give up or suffer more punishment!

When I told them they were a service industry and they needed to
“cater to the wishes of the customers and keep the place safe as they declare and falsely advertise. Because if the customers ever caught wind of their actual feelings towards them and continued to raise prices and remove discounts,
the American people would refuse to return to our facilities“…

I was told by case that they were a corporation and had the right to make as much profit as they could take, and also heard him & them talk about how stupid the masses were and that they were proud of their manipulation and camouflage tactics’ and he boldly assured me that the customers and employees were to stupid and ignorant, and incapable of figuring out how to go about exposing them for their negligence and fraud???
Fearlessly confident and Right to my face many times and they made it clear I was not smart enough to expose them either. Oh what a tangled web we weave…
In the words of Bugs Bunny “He don’t know me very well do he?” or do they?

Hence the person claiming to be a sheriff calling and threatening my life and welfare!
It worked I am scared out of my skin and can not go anywhere with out looking over my shoulder for fear of retaliation!
And if they attack me and I try to protect myself they can do anything they want and claim any excuse they chose and I will not be able to do anything about it!

So from what I have Learned from these incidences and working for several world wide corporations and several nation wide concerns also since 1976.
And have seen the same or similar treatment of the workers and unsafe conditions in perpetuity.

I can only assume that most if not all corporations are the same and need an attitude adjustment from the people before it is too late!

So what do you say America, do you want to have some fun and teach these people a lesson? Or are we just going to let them continue to get away with it?

And keep putting innocent taxpayers including ourselves our friends & family in harms way!
There is Only one way to get their attention & teach them a lesson,
that is in the purse, pocket, bank book, & wallet! Right where they attack us mercilessly!

If we spread the message By word of mouth and going public with the information, in magazines, newspapers,  radio & TV!
Each corporation shunned will teach the others the power of the American people!
And removing the corrupt lawyers, judges & politicians that are protecting and investing in them, will save our country our families and our faith.

Here are a few documented issues to prove my point about their brazen refusal to comply and keep the workplace proper, secure, cordial & safe, and their willingness to cover up their crimes at the expense of the employees and customers;

After I had drawn up plans to make an area safe due to the weak shelf holding up a ton of items it was not made for! I gave the plans to the safety committee chairman when I showed him the weak & overloaded shelf and told them not to overburden it!…
Everyone I Showed the hazard to was caught on video! even the assistant mgrs,
the safety committee chairman, and all the employees I could find & warn,
instructing them not to overload the shelf, then I went on my 2 days off.

When I came back I had found out that right after I gave them the documentation and showed them the shelf and warned them not to overload it!
they threw my plans in the garbage, insulted and demeaned me behind my back to discredit what I had claimed and denigrated me for my arrogant presumptions!

Then continued to over load the shelf resulting in Daniel being injured when a 35+lb. butter server\warmer\dispenser fell several feet when the overloaded shelf above his head collapsed [as I said it would before I left],
and it struck him in the chest and torso & possibly the head and face, injuring him and immediately sending him to the doctor!
His injury would have and could have been avoided had they listened and properly acted & not thrown away my documentation. That is absolutely knowingly aware & willful gross criminal negligence and destruction of evidence coupled with obstruction of justice, including harassments and discrimination!

When a Father came in and frantically told me what had happened to his daughter;
He described it as if Rachel was nearly & almost decapitated, but was actually injured in her face due to abrasions and contusions when struck by the shattered ricocheting pieces of the fixture that just barely missed her head on the way down falling from the 30-40 foot lobby ceiling! [10-20 lbs of crystalline material traveling 30-40 feet at an approximate speed of 18-36 +\- fps might have the mass, velocity and momentum great enough to kill instantly when contacting soft tissue or major organs, & a direct hit in the head is defiantly a possibility of disaster]!

Right there in a crowded lobby in front of her siblings and parents
by a light fixture that had deteriorated due to extensive direct sunlight exposure,
An issue that would have only cost a little time, effort, planning and money to eliminate the problem and utilize as an attribute at the same time but they refused to do anything about it!
I offered 5 different inexpensive and beneficial options over the years!

As I stated, We had been trying for years to remedy the hazard to no avail because it not only deteriorated the crystalline structure of a high density light fixture,
but the same ray beams of light were hitting my employees in the face blinding them slowly and distracting them *& constantly causing mistakes and degrading customer service!
Speaking of customer service;

So  now Rachel “a customer” is publicly injured in front of a lot of witnesses and further still they get away with destroying the evidence as well!

And the employees are still looking
directly into the same sun

that destroyed a solid object made to withstand the high temperatures
of the halogen light bulbs for extended periods of time
Including the UV & IR rays they radiate [rated for 50-100 plus years of service yet several specifically proven and documented to be in the direct sunlight for many hours a day]
actually deteriorated in less than 8 years???
Once again in observing and evaluating the video the whole issue could be understood and the customers and employees can be safe and enjoy their time at the movies!
The video when Rachel was injured would be very handy to determine the actual severity
Of the danger she was in!

Yet the theater claimed no responsibility nor offered any sympathy and
gave them a phone number to call corporate to complain but the number did not work!
I know because he gave me the number that they gave him and I called the number myself to see if he was right and he was!
Not the first time I had witnessed them use this tactic
I have witnessed at least one other time they did this to conceal their illegal activities,
a contractor was owed monies from 6 months to 9 month’s previous and I was trying to help them get their payment as a responsible manager as per the manual of course,
and he and his company were also given the false number routine. More on that later!

The day Rachel was injured I was the one who had to take the rest of the fixtures down and took & submitted the photos and descriptions of the incident,
having Erik Tyvol email the pictures to case the GM for an update on the investigation
as stipulated when a dangerous accident such as that occurs
OASHA was to be notified as well as corporate,
thus sending him the pictures and details with descriptions.

Illegally and immorally My photos were destroyed from the cameras and all the computers I downloaded them to for the investigation and the fixtures them selves were whisked away before the investigation was even beginning.

Then I was constantly threatened and punished and even told I was to be fired if I did not stop by the general manager and HR [several times] and told I was not getting any more raises or possibilities’ for promotion due to my participation in trying to make them obey the law and spend their money forcing them into doing their job
and he kept his promise I was withheld from all raises and promotions‘,
and fired for obeying the laws of the land and corporate policies to the letter!

I went to OASHA and spoke with them on the phone & in person and requested many times for them to help me find the information I needed to make the facilities safe for my customers and employees as per their manual written into law!!!

The OASHA supervisor was aware of this information for years first of all I am certain I was not the first to complain & second because I had personally given it to them myself [again] over the phone and in writing starting around 11-2006 & again in  2-2007 when they never showed up, all the way through 2010 only to be insulted and humiliated and threatened by the very authorities sworn and paid to protect us and keep us safe!

Stanton Thomas despite being in possession of this information, continually refused to come to inspect the facilities nor do any research to help me protect the taxpaying patrons and team members!
So there fore each and every incident, accident and injury are due to his willful negligence as well, including but not limited to Daniel and Rachel since I and other employees had contacted them over the years before the incidences took place, had spoken with them many times about the direct sunlight issue, and unsafe conditions they need to help me address, Had they come out when we first called those injuries would have been avoided!
They have no excuse for this type of fraud, discrimination, negligence & treason!

If what happened to Rachel, had actually happened the daughter of stanton thomas or case thornton or sue jordan or donna meredith
or the officer that threatened me,
I’ll bet they would have wielded their authority to make restitution for their friends & family!
But clearly Will not put any effort out for those that they are sworn to protect and they are far too overpaid for what they are supposed to do much less for refusing to do their duties!
So therefore What should we do?

Stanton thomas is not afraid of getting in trouble Because his colleagues’ get away with letting other criminals get away with murder!…
Those hard working probably “union dues paying” miners that recently died in the mines, they had been documenting the hazards for years but OASHA refused to do their job, when there was a collapse due to the causation of it…
They were left to die were they not? Citing danger to the rescuers?
But in contrast in Chile they had a more severe collapse and were able to save their workers. So why did we let them make excuses?
Oh yea the media explained to us every chance they got, each news break spewing propaganda!

Where is this aggressive investigative drive when innocent taxpayers are in danger? Covering what obama had to wear & eat last night but deflecting the fact that he was not born in America and lying about the Hawaii documents.
I heard that! So here is my comment to your thought…
Scientifically speaking;

1 Test the document with several of those processed the same day, week, & month he was supposed to be born there & several standard contemporary documents they have in base stock now as well for a base standard comparison.

The chemical composition must be the same because they by the blank stock product in bulk so it will be easy to tell if it is an authentic document and I will give up the issue
or prove it to be a fraudulent counterfeit and then we will be aware of the extent of the fraud perpetuated to a certain degree, and be challenged to remove him and his associates, confederates, and benefactors, or die at their hands!

2 And reportedly throwing the body of bin laudin in to the ocean to eliminate verification and autopsy to determine time & cause of death and other evidences for forensic investigation, that was destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice.

In fact obama is a muslim\christian and inversely
Vice Versa  does not eliminate the danger and our leaders know and are in on it!
The scriptures say all nations will abandon Israel! We have but most are not aware of it!

Please wake up America, he wants to destroy Israel and give it to the muslims then subjugate and or kill many of us if we object!
Can we stop them?  this is our only chance!

He refuses to call the terrorists what they in fact actually are Terrorist’s!
They premeditatedly hunted and murdered innocent people that they hate due to the failed attempt of their religious leader to convert Israel to their fabricated faith and its fallacious prophet.
What other than hate, dominance, war and subjugation did he successfully predict?
And obama and the government continues to give terrorist organizations’
trillions of dollars strengthening their power control & regime & destroying our economy!

He publicly & privately applauds, promotes and supports their hatred for Israel
and plans on dividing the Land for peace as the scriptures state!

That means whether or not he is the final “misleader”
We are near or about to be in Jacobs troubles!
how can we stand up for Israel when they are in control of
our money, resources, justice system, law enforcement and military?

Back to why they let the miners die;
It is easier to drag out a wrongful death suit with people who were devastated by tragedy and with out money for lawyers,
[where was the ACLU, and how much effort did they put out to save the captives & their  families from mistreatment & harm,
and how much effort into holding OASHA and the owners and managers responsible for their crimes that caused the unnecessary deaths of those precious taxpayers?
Yea… I thought so, deceptive, lying, treasonous & hypocritical shills!

Easier than dealing with eye witnesses of a crime of that scope & magnitude and with that much pre-documented complaints and the vast media coverage, they made excuses and committed murder for security and profit with the help of OASHA, the media and government officials parroting the excuses to bolster credibility.
Do not get me started on the media yet!?

When I contacted BOLI to get them to help me resolve the issues and concerns by turning over evidence regal had in their possession that would have exonerated me and vilified the perpetrators that I had caught in the act many times, neglecting their duties and causing injuries to customers and employees alike then they harassed and threatened me and eventually fired me when they finally realized I could not be bribed, intimidated nor coerced from turning them into the Government for their prejudicial hate crimes against the employees, and gross criminal negligence towards the customers and employees!
Both OASHA & BOLI representatives and supervisors  insulted and denigrated me,
Each time when I was trying to state the case for my customers, employees or myself. 

And when I did exactly as I was told and attempted to gather more evidence for the investigation,
I was harassed and threatened again by the general manager
& HR for continuing the investigation after he threatened to punish me for investigating & documenting the issues in the first place!
Which according to the OASHA poster on the wall in every facility stating
employees’ were protected from harassments and being fired
for documenting any violations in their company!

Yet some how they got away with all 3, discrimination, constant threats & harassments, and firing me!

Then After I was illegally and immorally fired I tried to continue to follow through by working with Pendra from OASHA .
to follow through with the investigation as the Law dictated,
and to clear my name and get my job back &
keep my promise to protect my team and my patrons!

Pendra from OASHA told me to call the theater and get the employees and managers to document their concerns,
I did as instructed by the authorized government official

…and called the Regal Theater
that declares “safety first” and
“we care for the safety & well being of our customers & employees’
where I worked for many years, and
was fired for following company mandated and required investigative tasks
By taking pictures of faulty equipment and hazardous conditions and documented in detail the dangers and injuries...
As I called the regal theater I told [the person who later I found out was a conspirator in getting me fired after I and an employee heard her say she “hated the customers” for complaining and she continued saying she “wished we could get rid of them all”…

Immediately I took her to John Edgar the new safety committee manager & I told him what I and another employee had just heard, after that I went back to work, finished my shift & went home.
Then magically the next shift I spent time being scolded and threatened by HR for supposedly making inappropriate comments about corporate policies!
How is that possible?
All I said was she said “she hated the customers and wanted to get rid of all of them“!

I said I did not think she hated the customers [I was wrong], I just figured she hated their complaining about the new company policies of reducing matinee times, raising ticket prices, understaffing the workforce & Raising concessions prices, and cutting back on discount opportunities’ because they were complaining to me more than anyone since
I was stationed at customer service, I only heard her say what she said was because she walked right over to us and declared her statement as if it was the truth and she was supposed to feel that way and so were we!

Anyway back to the phone call;
I told her I had spoken to OASHA & they had instructed me to gather testimonies’ and  she interrupted me and abruptly put me on hold for over 30 minutes or so it seemed,
so I hung up and called back and was put on hold again…
Then a little later I received a call from a person identifying himself as a Deschutes county sheriff and threatening to arrest me if I continue to investigate the issue at the theater!
It is the truth I swear on my mothers world famous pork roast!

I spent some time informing him of the situation and the issues and
declared to him now that he as an officer of the law was
aware of the issue he was obligated to look into the situation.
He adamantly refused each time I reiterated the fact that the law required him to report my statement and look into the issue
he just repeated the threat to stop investigating or else he and some of his associates’ were going to come find me and punish me for continuing to expose regal for their crimes!
Absolutely true story check my phone records!

OASHA & BOLI are aware of what I and my employees and customers went through and were more than happy to cover up these crimes of greed and neglect!

Stanton Thomas the OASHA supervisor when I described how the light fixture fell and almost killed a customer due to regal never doing maintenance on their equipment as stipulated and specified in the manuals!
He himself had agreed with me that the incident never would have taken place
if they had done the legally required scheduled equipment, window, & electrical fixture cleaning and maintenance duties,
“they would have been able to evaluate the deterioration and removed the disintegrating fixtures before they fell & hurt someone“!?!
That is a fact [she was almost killed due to 7+ ) years of neglect [10+years now!]
just to save a few hundred dollars a year in payroll
for a bigger bonus for them selves
not the employees they robbed of the payroll they needed to pay bills and buy food with!

But stanton has learned in conversations with me since then to be careful what he says!

Sue Jordan from BOLI said to me that I was fired because “I was annoying to my supervisors” and that “I should have kept my mouth shut” and
“done what my boss told me“ [her exact words!]…
and she also said that he was allowed to talk to me anyway he wanted to!
That is discrimination and illegal & she knows it!

And that as a “right to fire or quit state” 
“since I was not gay or an ethnic female they were not going to look into my case“.
Regardless of the fact that it is the law that anyone who documents issues of human rights and safety issues can not be harassed intimidated or fired for their involvement in any investigation!
And they had documentation for years to that effect in their possession and still insult me and refuse to do their job!

That is weird how can you fire someone for no reason?
How can you fire someone for documenting your crimes and violations?
Especially when it is against the Law?

She told me the legislators made the laws!

Since The laws were Not made by the request of the people
that makes it conspiratorial fraud and treason
on the part of the legislators and politicians!

We need to do something before it is too late!
They can be removed and replaced and stripped of their possessions
as they are doing to us but we must stand and act as one
and do something serious immediately or we are doomed for eradication
I am not kidding nor insane.

Now back to our show;

“Clinically Proven”
*{Cancer comes from Toxins & in the Poisons’
on and in our food, & the
pollution in our air and Water,
and we are suffering and dying because of it.

For decades they have been purposely exposing us to contamination,
now they use the excuse that you have a preexisting condition.
[In reality the reason you have a preexisting condition] is because
*instead of warning and protecting us
from diseases caused by generations of your family being infected, effected & now  affected from the poisons, toxins, pollution and radioactive contamination etc…
*they were investing in , pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and the chemical companies that were slowly killing us all for their profit,

and now the insurance companies refuse to pay for your treatment but has clandestinely made a deal with your employer and public officials to pay out on a policy when you die of the disease they inoculated you with,
making money every step of the way
while our quality of life diminishes and our health deteriorates
culminating in an expensive and mandatory funeral!}
Look up wall mart, AT&T, chase manhatten, Citibank etc…and the many corporations and banks involved with insurance fraud and murder for profit!

Conspiratorially Creating the ‘seemingly’ apparent need for;
*The EPA, FDA, AMA, ADA, OASHA, BOLI and Underwriters Laboratories‘ etc...
[Who’s leaders are as we have seen obviously overcompensated for
“promising” to Shield Us from Harm]

These Departments’ were Formed to Protect us
from Sickness, Disease, Pollution, Poisons, Toxins, Radioactivity,
Health Hazards, Dental Disease,
Improper Treatment or unsafe conditions in the Workplace,
guaranteeing Safe and Healthy Products, …

With Tactics like actually making sure the food we eat is safe,
and the Drugs we take to Free Us from Infirmity actually do what they are advertised to do and to Insure the Public that the
Drugs themselves do not in fact cause more disease and death than they treat!

Which [Sadly for us and profitably for them] in fact has been proven over and over to be the case and The opposite of the Responsible, Proper and Honorable duties
they openly took an oath to perform.

Yet like most Government Organizations’ the facilities are under equipped and employees who do the actual work are Under paid, Under Staffed, & Under funded,
but in contrast the administrators who are improperly authorized, and are
Highly Unqualified Oath takers getting filthy rich and are
actually under secret orders
and who’s strategy is to;

“Protect Mother Earth from Us” and save “Her resources” for “Them”

By “letting us die to thin out the population” and of course they cover the crimes of those in authority, split the resources, cash their paychecks [which as is far more than minimum wage I can Tell You
and everything over minimum wage is part of the bribe]
and then they go live & play in the clean, safe and secure side of the city!

With the
*Doctors, physicians, psychologists, psychoanalysts etc…
[all Went to schools and most if not all have taken OATHS;
    1 the Hippocratic Oath [to save and protect life] the oath they advertise, and the other
    2 a    hypocritical oath of secrecy
[to take bribes and lives in return for money safety and security]...

Offering Poison as Medicine!
As opposed to advising & providing a good diet,
and demanding proper exercise

and insuring a clean and healthy environment!

these are those who profitably prescribe and invest in
and sell our personal information to;

    *Pharmaceutical Concerns assumed to be originally invented by Hippocratic Oath’ers now controlled and operated by hypocritical Oath’ers
to purportedly relieve the injured and diseased of their pain and suffering

these so called ‘miracle’ drugs have been found to be the cause of more deaths and even more complicated infirmities,
all the while doctors and drug cartels are becoming more and more wealthy,
insulated and protected, affording uncontaminated areas
for their family and friends to live, work and play],

 E.g. 1    Birth control has been proven to instigate reproductive cancers, tumors and other bodily organ anomalies’
 E.g. 2    anti depressants’ are becoming one of the leading causes of suicides in our society!
 E.g. 3    combining certain prescription drugs with over the counter drugs and poor diet & lack of exercise cause strokes and heart attacks
I could go on but for now…

Just say know to Drugs
Naturally today more than ever, most People are afraid because of the conditions caused by the leaders, and many now no longer believing in a responsibility to a higher power,
so they are confused and fear full.

They take drugs [designed to treat and not to cure] prescribed to them by the very people that they pay vast amounts of money to relieve them of their troubles,
but in fact actually contributed to the furthering of their fears and anxieties’
with inappropriate and ill effective procedures, and unnecessary medications yielding only horrific side effects! Most often times even more paranoid and fearful, confused and despondently manic!
Consistently Resulting in ending the fear and pain by suicide rather than understanding it and adjusting as necessary.

These People who are improperly authorized & purposefully contributing to and profiteering from their unrest.
The drugs are advertised as a medication {or treatment}, but have a mile long list of side effects that include, a spectrum from the loss of the quality of life, to horrible sickness, pain and suffering, right on down to the loss of life itself!

In their testing using double blind analysis’ they can and do
“work the numbers” any way they choose and with the help of the media including false advertising in commercials, the politicians & Lawyers no one will ever know.

    *Welfare [caused by purposely destabilizing the economy and destroying the solvency of many of the Taxpayers then when the people cried out for help, they began collecting and controlling the funds purportedly set aside for the less fortunate;
Spoon feeding as they chose what, when, and who to delegate & distribute the assistance.
Yet is in fact a misappropriation of monies extorted  from the taxpayers, that was
set aside by the officials for the officials and administrators.

When caught in their fraud and pretending to make amends by once again establishing and controlling the cash allotted to the programs purportedly to address the issues they themselves created ] they continue to merely reiterate the promise…
So the people continue to cry out and more industries are born…
    Insurance, Charities, Special interest groups, etc…

    Unions [formed because the government was not caring for the majority of the taxpayers by doing what they were paid to do
by protecting the people from impropriety in the work place as they are supposed to do

they got together with friends and invented a way to extort and exploit the hard working honest taxpayers, by gathering & controlling dues, embezzling & investing then spending and spreading our monies amongst themselves all solely collected for our protection, and wellbeing when we are mistreated in the work place [which is against the law!!! so we do not need unions!!! we only need the public servants to do their jobs as promised!!!].
They refuse to hold the companies responsible in most cases
And they only keep up appearances’ to seem as if they were actually “on the Job”.

Now to a higher level of their duty to protect us;
*Homeland security and foreign policies dictate our every day actions and conversations,
[because our government got together with the leaders of other governments and municipalities… and [once again] agreed to fight and or engage in conflicts to cull the populations numbers by eliminating the non oath takers, the poor, weak and needy so they can have more for them selves]
“survival of the fittest”
& they put themselves at the top of the food chain,
Consequently putting us at the bottom behind Whales, Owls’ and Kangaroo mice…

The policies made are used as leverage to illegally and immorally
take away our rights and freedoms
such as the concepts’ of
considering the right to use the scriptures
and or creationist based science
to point out the problems and the solutions.
Our Rights are determined to be inadmissible by those in power.

By refusing our information to be made available and allowing us to
expose the causation of the problems;
which is deviation from the commandments by polluting the earth, 
and mercilessly killing its inhabitants
[instead of helping them].
Harvesting animal populations to extinction,

And the entities causing the pollution have culled the numbers of those
[we missed in our calculations so far],
and in turn The purposely contaminated food we consume adds to the death and disease suffered because of industrialist monopoly, By Fraud, Stealth and selfish Greed and irresponsibility…

Back to the legal and moral case for creation vs.
the illegal establishment of evolution in the courts…
*Even though [I think] it was in Arkansas where Noted Scientist Dr. Robert Gentry and possibly Dr. Donald Chittick, were called to give testimony for the validity of creationism…

 Dr. Gentry an authority in his field of expertise [in microscopic radioactive isotopes in the basement granite rocks here on Earth] and proficient in several other disciplines
was able to give key testimony at the proceedings in one courtroom defending the Creationist point of view.

In their perspective testimonies, Both Dr Gentry and Dr. Chittick offered factual and verified Data showing conclusively that the exaggerated claims of the case presented by the lawyers on the extensive age of the earth were in fact many times over proven to be intensely erroneous
by offering documented and validated historical, archeological, microbiological, radiological and other forms of verified and authenticated scientific evidence.
Yet in a predictable and premeditated decision the information was absolutely rejected solely due to the fact that
it proved creation to be accurate and true, and
would have caused them to be exposed for their fraud and deception,

then stripped of their protection, wealth, position, influence, luxury and authority!?!?!?!

For More Information on Factual Scientific Proof
of the Validity of Our Faith;
Please check out the following addresses [this is a very  short list, other’s will be made available];

Also a preacher at the Scopes trial offered his voice to defend the rights and responsibilities of the Judeo Christian American people to secure their faith and culture. But I do not believe he was the foremost authority on the subject, nor am I aware of the level of assistance he was in the trial.
(Side note; my dad told me decades ago he liked the movie [I think is titled]
“inherit the wind” with Spencer Tracy which he said
gave him the impression that scopes won the verdict)

Once again… if you love YHVH with all your heart with the same energy and sincerity towards your family, friends, neighbors, distant relatives, foe’s (or even strangers along the way that have been through a catastrophe or tragedy)
[see the good Samaritan story Luke 10;30];

than you will help, console, teach and mentor people
towards righteousness as the scriptures decree
instead of threaten, deceive, trick, coerce, leverage, extort
or manipulate others into impropriety, as politicians’ and religions seem to emulate & perpetuate.

Which is evidently their idea of how the “strong survive“,
by taking from and killing those they caused to be weak.

Back to the establishment of the religion of evolution;
*The Evolutionists demanded equal authority and placement declaring that
“only one view of Origins being Taught in the schools,
colleges and institutions was Unfair! and Unreasonable!” 

Once their foot was barely in the door they stealthily and surreptitiously leveraged a hypocritical reversal of presiding hierarchies
via the execution of an absolute & resolute double standard subterfuge.

They immorally and illegally insulted, denigrated, slandered and trivialized the Scriptures, the Author, the scribes who documented the information at their own peril most times,
and those who believe it is the foundation of their faith,
and the under lying structure of the powerful and swift success of America.

They purposely and explicitly cast slanderous and bogus doubt on the reputation and data of the Scientists that painstakingly tested confirmed and documented many of the scientific aspects of the creation and flood narratives’  confirming their validity, and scholars authenticating the historic and prophetic predictions and fulfillment, with incidences personally witnessed and documented, discussing the concerning issues addressed , or alluded to in the texts.
In order to discredit and excommunicate creationism entirely claiming it’s incredibly well documented and historically proven proclamations were unscientific.
*True Science vs. the evolutionary Pseudoscience;

Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543) [Astronomy] etc…
Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1627) [believed in the Scientific method]
 Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) [Mathematics, Astronomy, Light,]
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) [valuable revelations in Astronomy& Gravity…],
Isaac Newton (1642-1727) [ Gravity, Calculus, Thermo Dynamics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics etc],
Robert Boyle                            [Chemistry]
Michael Faraday                       [Magnetism…],
Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) [Genetics]
William Thomson Kelvin (1824-1907) [Physics, (Thermal Calculations, Thermometer?)],
Max Planck (1858-1947) [Physics]
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) [“Relativity,“ Gravity, “E=MC squared“ etc…]
Louis Pasture [pasteurization and sterilization, His experiments proved life comes from life not from out of nothing,,,] ,

These Men and others including many women, instilled and implemented the Scientific methods and practices that  lead to teaching and training in proper ways and habits for better health and quality of life, researching, developing and discovering Knowledge lost for thousands of years.
Being believers [most if not all of them], they enhanced the world in trying to figure out how the Father did it and how to fix what we broke… developing methods and practices leading to the Curing and preventing diseases [virology, bacteriology etc…],
removing ignorance of the necessity to be clean and healthy, 
they showed that the lack of knowledge of the universe and earths processes, caused bad habits and practices. And the importance of learning and keeping our environment healthy and safe was necessary and imperative for our survival…
developing magnetism, steam engines, then electric motors and machinery, and engines and equipment of all types to make life safer, easier and more efficient…
They developed education and science for the betterment of all man kind to enhance the quality of life for all on Earth to enjoy… and brought the ancient world out of its darkness, ignorance, death and disease and gave us modern science, technology medicine,
and education which inspired longer, safer and more fulfilling lives!
*But in contrast, the new scientists of the evolutionary camp [the likes of Joseph Mengele]  gave us War [Psychological, emotional, chemical, biological & germ… Warfare].
homosexuality with manmade AIDS as just one of the many of the byproducts of their concept of beneficial viral research. Abortion, poverty, famine, death and disease…
the exact opposite of their duties, responsibilities and promises‘!
bringing on the;

Big Bang Boomerang
How things have gotten better since evolution became the prominent paradigm promoted
More on this later but first a little dissertation on the contributions of the so called science of the clerics and other religious leaders around the world and passed down through the generations;

Granted hypocrites through the ages, and ignorant followers claiming to have a special interpretation have proven to cause as much trouble as ‘barbarians’ and ‘pirates’ by not honestly obeying the commandments.

Instead they used religion as a method of exploiting the masses just as evolution has since it took over, and the beast will crush & devour the rider [as the scriptures proclaim] eventually due to so many false translations spawning myriads of splinter cells allowing people to essentially make the rules up as they choose depending on the filter used to interpret the text [remember in Peter we read that “scripture is not subject to any private interpretation“, people taking things out of context and leaders prioritizing some text all the while excluding others.

Their best  approach to control the masses of people are as follows
“[I am\you are\we are] to stupid to understand it 
so [church\ evolutionary indoctrineologist] need to recite it then explain it and tell you how to obey without question,
and requiring an oath of submission and loyalty and dues.
Taxes are extorted dues forced upon us at gun point sometimes!
See they use the same words and tactics!

We are told with bold faced confidence that it took [Trillions, & Billions, & millions] of years for the galaxies and constellations’ to organize; for the solar systems to coalesce, the earth to cool and acquire enough water and to be able to sustain an inhabitable environment, so that single celled organisms after eons’  of random chance trials could accidentally assemble in beneficial configurations; than took multiple millions of years for them to evolve into the different species we see in the fossil record and find  living among us or hiding from us today…

Even though the theory of evolution has evolved constantly since it’s initiation; and many more times than any other concept or animal has on earth or anywhere else…

Due to objective scientists in all camps disproving each postulation and every excuse they use to fill in the “gaps” due to no evidence to support their conjecture.

 [other than what they had found digging around in the fossil beds of their own imaginations];
Almost Every argument they use to convince us of their point of view is based on the lack of evidence & not a vast amount found, examined, tested and studied.
And when ever possible they take the evidence that proves we were specifically Created and they twist the data to assert that we evolved!

Case in point;
The “geological column” and the Facts thereof;

*Without Any Actual Factual Evidence of evolution in there Possession

*Without any living examples anywhere of any animals transitioning into another species to any degree, much less completely.
there may be hundreds maybe thousands of different families within the Finch avian genera yet in fact and in reality…
“all” “finches’’ are still “all finch’’
... n cats r still cats, n dogs r still dogs n birds r still birds n fish r still fish n snakes r still snakes n so on etc…    

*Certainly without any examples found in the fossil record of one creature turning into a different type/kind/or species;
as stated previously “Cats are still cats’’
Some are the size of small ponies and others the size of large rats.
But all cats are still all cat…
Showing variability within the species, from minute to gigantic, short hair to shaggy, mountain, desert, or plain…

*And without any forms of life On Earth, much less any transitioning forms being found on any other planet we explored with our limited technology…

*Without any factual evidence at all to validate their theory;
They Designed a chart with all life forms stacked and arranged in the order of “what they assume” were the stages of evolution.
They “estimated” how long “they thought it would have taken”
and delineated the “time zone Era‘s” fixing them to the chart.

(If You follow the theory down through the years you will hear the same dogmatic and confident declarations at first it was  [we know we evolved “hundereds of thousands of years ago” we just need more time to find the evidence] , but
each time honest & objective scientists
[Creationists & Evolutionists alike]
using solid experimentation, with consistent results
concluding that their findings factually
disproved and absolutely invalidated large parts of the theory…

The evolutionist repeat themselves using the same confident tone and declare the same dogmatic statements [we know we evolved “Billions of years ago”
we just need more time to find the evidence] over and over
and each time using a different and longer time line, 
never based on nor supported by any scientific breakthroughs,

just the need to grasp for more time for them to get a permanent stranglehold on the world and
still parrot the same Phraseology we just need to find
the evidence we Know exists somewhere out in space…”

without any corroborating evidence, actual, factual, real or incidental.
Merely Hearsay and conjecture.

*They date the age of the fossil inside the rocks by;
A cartoon banner of a nonexistent “geological column”
Not by any scientific experiments that consistently rendered reliable results.

*Then to calibrate the geological column
they use [the dates given] to the fossils found in the rocks and soil
[in which they dated with the cartoons on the chart they fabricated].

Speaking of rocks and fossils;
In the Pauluxy River Valley in Glen Rose Texas where
fossils and foot prints show humans, [& possiblydomesticated live stock], and wild animals, living & existing contemporaneously with Dinosaurs.
Please See information of the Paluxy River Valley in Texas in a few pages.

why are they not to be held to the scientific method?
Every time their theory fails to explain how complex life “explodes” instantly in certain specific layers of the earths surface they add more time.
In the past and even recently, scientific discoveries have disproved their transitional species, causing their examples to become more creative and their assertions to become more incredible…

hopeful monster, punctuated equilibrium, panspermia,
Aliens [which hypocritically falls under the guise of an “out side influence” ‘as G-d would be considered to be‘] etc…

anything but considering the Almighty ever present YHVH ruler and creator of the Universe including all life forms therein.
They even claim that as the reason they believe in evolution! As stated and quoted earlier
To Wit; “otherwise we would be forced to accept the concept of a Creator”!
Darwin, Haeckel, Arthur Keith, etc…
Remember these are precious souls, bought with the same price,
just puppies and kittens that haven’t had their eyes opened yet.
So in love and compassion we must love, forgive, guide, mentor and win them as well.

*When evolutionists claim the geologic column is “out of sequence”
what they really mean is
the actual evidence is Showing myriads of creatures full of diversity,
variability in shape and size (from microscopic to gigantic)
all buried together providing proof that dinosaurs and contemporary life forms including Humans, also existed together;
and were not separated by fictitious lineages of transitions
and taking fallacious eons’ of time to evolve.

In other words they found Humans, Animals and other life forms from different eras on the chart intermingled together. Absolutely negating the accuracy and validity of the chart.

But they demand the chart is infallible and the evidence is inadmissible.
That is Conspiracy, Obstruction, Monopoly, and fraud not Science.

They refuse to publicly acknowledge the facts to in detail which would endanger their monopoly of control and monitary stranglehold, exposing their vulnerability to their [nemeses the evidence & the Facts].
So they use deflective phraseology like “out of sequence“!

each time an animal from one time zone shows up in another.
from the next in line up or down to several zones in any direction
Scientifically speaking it absolutely invalidates the entire column.

When a theory depends upon a certain criteria and that standard is not met
but in fact conflicting results are the norm, the postulation is removed from theory status by default due to the opposing evidence in hand.

So they avert the peoples perception by using evasive and even deceptive terminology and avoid the evidence by offering arguments from the lack thereof.
Reaching deep in their Imaginations to find a palatable postulation to appease the masses and grasp for more time to grab more power.
First let me ask a question.
If we took an engineer, a housewife, a plumber, a third grader and a monkey.

Each having a bunch of  bowling, tennis, ping pong, soft, and basket balls.
Thrown in with some sticks and duct tape and ask each individual to assemble a hydrogen atom.

Sorry 2 questions.
How do you think they would do?
Sorry 3 questions
How would you & I do?
 Remembering how hard it is for
educated humans to assemble the simplest atom…
How can we expect it to happen by accident if we can not do it on purpose, without outside intrusion and lots of expensive equipment?

In a big way here is an example of the difficulty of viable & successful
random chance assemblies combining in extreme complexity resulting in
Bio-geometric configurations, creating the host organism and including
Nano-machines that perform regeneration, maintenance, reproduction,
and documentation all with accuracy & precision…

*starting after the point where the supposed accidental assembly
of a “fully functional single celled organism” came to “Be’’…

*Then ‘it’; created it’s own DNA, by creating a language and method to internally document it…
*created reproduction…
*Modified the DNA code to except upgrades to the program; such as
*the ability for it’s descendants’ to be able to read and perform the commands in the DNA code, including *reproduction procedures and processes, and a file specifically for acquired characteristics, and another for the women found to record genealogical info ** and even more modification, so the following generations will know how and what to eat, how to eat and digest it,
How and where to find food…
I will spare you; I could go on with this for pages …
**[Omni magazine 199?’s traced DNA back to the first female mother?]

Moving “up” in the geological column
to more complex multi cellular organisms;
Let’s take A quick look a single ray of light from the encompassing spectrum of the concept of evolution for a moment shall we;
From the differences in reproduction methods, to social involvement, individual or collective function, communal interaction, ability to acquire sustenance, perceive, navigate and survive in its surrounding environment;

evolution fails to offer even the slightest of feasible avenues to explain how they could so suddenly appear and coexist all by accident
completely symbiotic and living in harmony yet they demand and declare their theory to be infallible!

Myriads of past life forms that resided on earth, are documented 3 dimensionally by fossil remains, captured in the soil strata by catastrophic burial in many if not most instances.
Many of the earth’s mountain ranges exhibit ocean fossils imbedded in their uppermost layers including Mt Everest which has fossils of sea creatures found and documented at the very top peak.

These should be entered in a 3D program so we could see and study the fossils as they were found; enabling us to see how far above sea level, and where the fossils were found as far as what strata, direction and orientation.

We would be able to determine each and every group represented and combined with the creatures found with them, construct a better understanding of what was buried with what because the geological cartoon column does not exist in it’s entirety any where in the known universe [once again except in their minds].

And each zone has been shown to have anomalies’ from other zones negating the premise and the theory altogether!

All animals lived together in the beginning, many were buried, some survived and repopulated the planet and we are and live amongst the descendants of some of those life forms…

Speaking of life forms;
For Life as we define it to exist on Earth there must be Ideal Conditions:
 Based on the theory that the big bang provided the source matter and it took time for everything to coalesce, combine, cool, and settle in to a balance;
Here are a few thoughts on how far back in time you can go before the conditions on Earth become far too harsh to support life as we define it;
*The Sun
The further back in time you go…
The quicker You approach the Danger Zone

1. The larger the solar orb’s mass becomes;
This in turn brings about a Magnifying and Amplification of the effects on the systems captive orbiting planetary community which includes us here on Earth.
*The Earth is in an elliptical orbit with an approximate .97%??? Offset
We are in a specifically beneficial orbit with a perfect distance from the Sun.
I was told we have about 1.5% +\- variable window in our safety zone
[3% total I assume].
To far away [past 1.5% nominal]
and the Earth would be frozen, therefore water could not exist in liquid form except where volcanic  or geothermal activity which I believe they said were events caused by the fluxional forces within the planet due to magnetic and gravitational forces creating heat by friction, and assisted by radioactive particles escaping the parent Atoms and emitting their energy….
Even with these extra curricular forces to add energy to the system…
Tragically sooner or later the Earth would freeze out side the safe zone
Eliminating any possibility of Life.

But what would actually happen is the greater the Mass of the Sun the stronger the gravity and magnetism of the sun would become and that would cause fluxional forces to maintain an overheated core temperature, hindering the ability of the outer crust to cool, also the greater gravity and magnetism would draw us too close adding exponential energy into the system and water would not be able to be in the liquid form and might remain steam which may be in the atmosphere for a while but still negating conditions for life as we know it.

Not to mention the fact that With a larger and hotter Sun the Planet would be more like Venus and ‘she’ would be more like Mercury which would be in the outer Corona sphere as an ashen orb until consumed, obliterated by a prominence or plowed and pulverized with a mass ejection and hurled out in to space or pulled in by gravity and integrated...

Consequently with an adamant 3% variance of distance at the same rate of energy out put as exists today…
The further back in time you go the greater the ‘constant expulsion’ of hourly energy strengthens.
The larger and more intense the mass ejections become inculcated with the total out put decreasing the amount of time we can go back and still maintain proper living conditions.

The further back in time you go;
2. The greater the energy expulsion;
Solar flares, prominences’ and the corona sphere, ejecting massive amounts of various forms of electromagnetic energy some of this energy ejected has enough momentum to escape the gravitational forces and travels far and fast effecting anything in its path…
Eliminating the possibility of a compatible environment for any life to exist.
3. The hotter the thermal out put;
Eradicating the opportunity for the earth to cool enough for water to liquefy, which is necessary for life as we know it to exist.
4. The more intense the gravitational field becomes.
The fields would be much stronger in the sun [the same formula goes for many other celestial bodies in the solar system].
Each increment of intensity raised in the parent solar power plant is not only transferred to but it is also shared amongst the orbiting objects causing a stress in forces drawing them closer and abolishing any remote possibility for the ideal conditions we need for life on Earth.
5. forces the magnetic fields grow to be far more intense.
Resulting in  similar associational interaction, as for the gravitational forces, but an increase of magnetism would effect the earth drastically due to the mass and amount of Iron in the Earth that would react radically to a stronger Magnetic energy field shared with the Sun.
Those forces would cause the Earth to create intense internal heat.
The core temperature would be far greater and certainly the stronger Gravitational forces combined with the Magnetic forces would certainly drag us too close to the Sun and again to much internal heat combined with too much external heat eliminates proper conditions consequently no life could exist.
6. A stronger more intense bombardment of Electromagnetic radiation strikes the earth and its inhabitants. But of course there might be an Earth but in no way could there be any inhabitants under these conditions.
7. The faster the solar orb’s mass spins
Which includes the speed of each of the orbiting objects so The faster the planets rotational speed combined with it’s increased orbital velocity essentially results in incredible centripetal forces the further back you go.

The farther back in time you go the more impossible it becomes to have a tolerable environment with liquid water, which is absolutely necessary to be able to support the life forms that have existed in the past and those of us that exist today.

If at this point in time we can only tolerate a 1.5% leeway; than the further back we go,
The sun grows by percentages; Can we handle a 1% expansion of the sun before we get into trouble? which encroaches into the tolerance zone and eliminates ideal conditions. Even if we could tolerate 3% which is way to far out of the zone but submitted for outside chances of the conditions somehow balancing. But with out any doubt an increase of the Suns size, output of energy gravity and magnetism would draw us closer and temperatures would heat up the in the sun, the star would become too large and we would be absolutely and emphatically out of the safe zone. Eliminating any possibility for conditions to be favorable to create and sustain life as we define it!
*1% - 3% orbital tolerance;
How much energy is leaving the sun right now?
Measure the rate and work backwards.

(figures used in next example are not factual just used for reference and simplicity of math. The formula is the Key when I get the real #’s I will post them);
[If the Sun expels 1% of it’s mass in a million years [which seems low considering the amount that escapes every day];
Than in 1 million years 1% would be regained negating the possibility of proper conditions for life to evolve, because the sun would be so hot and we would be closer by default, by 3 million years the earth would be lucky to be barely cool enough for a thin crust to form and water would be nonexistent.
Essentially eliminating the possibility of life as we define it.

*The Earth

*The Moon
During consideration of the development of equipment to safely land on the moon they abided by studies of the meteoric dust they said had been observed and recorded.
*so they would not sink in to the moon surface.
They assumed the depth might be substantial because the theory of evolution called for billions of eons…what they had expected was dust particles 10 to 30 feet deep.
What they actually found was less than 1/8 to  1/2 inches of compiled dust .
Negating the possibility of an “old” “Earth Moon” system in symbiosis .

*Since the moon helps drive the ocean currents and high tides, circulating nutrients, thermal equilibrium, and oxygen enhancing the quality of life for all on the planet and that it would need to be in place and working properly
or constantly destroying the topography of the globe
every time the rhythm got out of phase,
life could not exist nor evolve under those conditions…

*Since we only see the same image of the moon; that means it is making 1 revolution a month.
The possibility of this phenomenon happening by accident is absolutely improbable.

And just a side note I recently pondered the notion that possibly every crater we see on the face of the moon from the earth is evidence of a projectile that just barely missed the earth. We are able to see the craters that hit the Moon on the only side we always see…because the impact point and the debris field show the direction of approach. So if came to far from the side it would skip and or leave a trail…

*Transitional examples
Found buried not far away from where some the specimens in the museums were dug up, buried in deeper strata than the displayed fossils, universally accepted  as completely developed birds considered fully avian were unearthed but never made a public spectacle just snickered at amongst themselves. 
So conclusively archaeopteryx is definitely not a transitional species just a unique variation.

*Mt. St. Helens
May  1980
An earthquake caused a large portion of the north face of the mountain peak to be removed by a landslide instigating an eruption resulting in an Ash cloud that flowed near hurricane forces at 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
In some places roughly 600 feet of Strata was deposited in approximately 6 minutes.

All caught on film from several angles and witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the earth via television during the time of the eruption and hundreds of millions who were able to watch the replay and the video footage and computer graphics used to fill in the gaps during still photo rewind, shoot, run, shoot, run, shoot, run, duck and cover….
A 40th scale Grand Canyon like wash basin and tributaries were formed and morphed by recurring tectonic events after the initial blast by subsequent mud flows.

The Peat mat in Spirit Lake that has developed since the eruption has taken only a few decades yet is the express condition that developed the ancient coal bed materials that were compressed and compacted over the eons of history.
But in drolly determined and dogmatic declarations’ once again despite the fact, and against what the evidence reveals [600 ft of sediment in 6minutes],
we are told it takes millions and billions of years to deposit a few inches of sediment…

600 feet in 6 minutes is the actual scientific evidence recorded and documented with witnesses alive today that you can ask to verify if the films and photos are not enough.
In contrast, it is only an unproven postulation that it takes millions of years for a few centimeters’ to accumulate [of course these estimates’ were fashioned after observing creeks and small rivers  and ignored, landslides, tsunamis, mud slides and flows, volcanic activity, local floods etc]…
with all of their “ignoring of the facts in evidence” that they have had in their possession, the entire time;
How can we consider these pseudo scientists credible and trustworthy?

*Yellow stone National park

*Paluxy River Valley
A Television program showed sincere scientists uncovering fossilized Dinosaur tracks with Human and domesticated animal tracks all impressed in the same solidified alluvial mud from one side of the river to the other. but the tracks were buried by the banks of the river due to a secondary layering of sediment obviously from a subsequent adjustment in the topography during the many catastrophic and  cataclysmic events involving Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tectonic shifts in direction, speed, height [uplifts or subduction’s including Tectonic Torsion ] asteroid impacts, and local events such as flash floods.

The episode ended with the scientists using equipment to gently remove the material covering the  delicate layers that were covered and hid the  disappearing footprints…

but the producers closed the show with out showing the actual excavation footage exposing the continuation of prints and the audience was left with the impression that no tracks continued further underneath the upper layers.

The tracks did in fact continue under the overlying layers and were documented photographically to verify the discovery.

When the producers refused to show the actual footage, showing the prints continuing on the path;

They were eliminating the population from being aware of the fact that humans and dinosaurs were actually living together.
Which the evidence disproves so many aspects of their theory that they had to squelch and censor the actual facts.
Or risk exposure, being stripped of protected status, wealth, authority and undue respect and most of all retributions and reprisal!

*Peleochroic Halos Polonium 210, 214, 218 half lives
Dr. Robert Gentry

Scriptural credibility;
Information acquired from amateur archaeologist Ron Wyatt
*Noah’s arc;

*Newbie Sinai;
A land bridge found approximately 90+|- feet under the surface of the Yom Suph or What is commonly referred to as the Red sea. Chariot wheels and other recorded artifacts were found and photographed with an under water remotely controlled vehicle, Between the Sinai Peninsula and Saudi Arabia.
 Saudi Arabia is Where Mount Horeb has been found [just as Paul the apostle documented in his writings] they found a scorched mountain top, and down below in the valley were alters, cisterns‘, partitioned areas, petroglyphs of symbols congruent with that era and culture, interspersed groups of numerous etchings to indicate their history and even making engravings of their foot prints to permanently document their presence there. Some scoring was depicting daily activities from hunting, playing and animal husbandry. Just to mention a few.
Mt. Horeb

Extra biblical resources

Roman Historian Josephus; documented a source reporting that Alexander the Great was reading the book of Daniel [chapter 8] and perceived him self to be one of the characters described. Establishing the books existence before the events predicted, and read and accepted by one of the individuals in the prophetic treatise! Verifying its existence, and establishing its initial credibility pending the continued accuracy of the prophecies and *predictions yet to be fulfilled. Anyone who has given the book even the slightest cursory retrospective examination, will see it is riddled with accurate fullfilment, replete with detail in its descriptions and historical documentation coupled with the latest archeological finds discovered within the last century supports the evidence so incredibly with artifacts and the Dead Sea Scrolls also offer documentation refuting much of what has been scandalized and ridiculed by the opponents’ of the Scriptures and its Believers .

It is hard to deny unless a person is just plain bias.
I.E. The mentality of;
“I do not believe it therefore it does not exist !?!”
is the foundation of atheism and that is not scientific!

E.g. The succession of kingdoms named in chapter 2,8,9 11 of Daniel
( Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, [Alexander the great for starters confirmed by a Roman Historian as previously noted] and following a specific order over several millennium just as documented.
And even special events and campaigns accurately describing places and occurrences’ and believe it or not, the very execution of the messiah around 2000 years ago and the destruction of the temple and the city, their exile from and the return to inhabit  maintain and possess the holy land their rightful homeland. [No one being aware of the facts can objectively deny that the one called Jesus foretold the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple long before it happened]
*Alfred Edershime;
Documented 455 prophecies fulfilled by the messiah Yehoshua in his life here on earth. Many of which were not conditions His family, He Himself and or His entourage could possibly manipulate, such as tasks he was to perform that no one had ever done,
birth place and time, census taken by a foreign government, wise men seeking to give gifts,  exile to a foreign land, how when and where he lived as a child, ,  and more directly how, why and when he was executed and resurrected.
Humanist Manifesto I

The Manifesto is a product of many minds. It was designed to represent a developing point of view, not a new creed. The individuals whose signatures appear would, had they been writing individual statements, have stated the propositions in differing terms. The importance of the document is that more than thirty men have come to general agreement on matters of final concern and that these men are undoubtedly representative of a large number who are forging a new philosophy out of the materials of the modern world.
- Raymond B. Bragg (1933)

The time has come for widespread recognition of the radical changes in religious beliefs throughout the modern world. The time is past for mere revision of traditional attitudes. Science and economic change have disrupted the old beliefs.
Religions the world over are under the necessity of coming to terms with
new conditions created by a vastly increased knowledge and experience.

 In every field of human activity, the vital movement is now in the direction of a candid and explicit humanism.
In order that religious humanism may be better understood we, the undersigned, desire to make certain affirmations which we believe the facts of our contemporary life demonstrate.
There is great danger of a final, and we believe fatal, identification of the word religion with doctrines and methods which have lost their significance and which are powerless to solve the problem of human living in the Twentieth Century.
Religions have always been means for realizing the highest values of life.
Their end has been accomplished through the interpretation of the total environing situation (theology or world view),
the sense of values resulting there from (goal or ideal), and the technique (cult), established for realizing the satisfactory life.
A change in any of these factors results in alteration of the outward forms of religion.

This fact explains the changefulness of religions through the centuries.

But through all changes religion itself remains constant in its quest for abiding values, an inseparable feature of human life.

Today man's larger understanding of the universe, his scientific achievements, and deeper appreciation of brotherhood, have created a situation which requires a new statement of the means and purposes of religion.

Such a vital, fearless, and frank religion capable of furnishing adequate social goals and personal satisfactions may appear to many people as a complete break with the past.

While this age does owe a vast debt to the traditional religions,
it is none the less obvious that
any religion that can hope to be a synthesizing and dynamic force
for today must be shaped for the needs of this age.

To establish such a religion is a major necessity of the present.
It is a responsibility which rests upon this generation.
We therefore affirm the following:

FIRST: Religious humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.
SECOND: Humanism believes that man is a part of nature and that he has emerged as a result of a continuous process.
THIRD: Holding an organic view of life, humanists find that the traditional dualism of mind and body must be rejected.
FOURTH: Humanism recognizes that man's religious culture and civilization, as clearly depicted by anthropology and history, are the product of a gradual development due to his interaction with his natural environment and with his social heritage. The individual born into a particular culture is largely molded by that culture.
FIFTH: Humanism asserts that the nature of the universe depicted by modern science makes unacceptable any supernatural or cosmic guarantees of human values.
Obviously humanism does not deny the possibility of realities as yet undiscovered,
but it does insist that the way to determine the existence and value of any and all realities is by means of intelligent inquiry
and by the assessment of their relations to human needs. Religion must formulate its hopes and plans in the light of the scientific spirit and method.
SIXTH: We are convinced that the time has passed for theism, deism, modernism, and the several varieties of "new thought".
SEVENTH: Religion consists of those actions, purposes, and experiences which are humanly significant.
Nothing human is alien to the religious.
It includes labor, art, science, philosophy, love, friendship, recreation--
all that is in its degree expressive of intelligently satisfying human living.
The distinction between the sacred and the secular can no longer be maintained.
EIGHTH: Religious Humanism considers the complete realization of human personality to be the end of man's life and seeks its development and fulfillment in the here and now. This is the explanation of the humanist's social passion.
NINTH: In the place of the old attitudes involved in worship and prayer the humanist finds his religious emotions expressed in a heightened sense of personal life and in a cooperative effort to promote social well-being.
TENTH: It follows that there will be no uniquely religious emotions and attitudes of the kind hitherto associated with belief in the supernatural.
ELEVENTH: Man will learn to face the crises of life in terms of his knowledge of their naturalness and probability.
Reasonable and manly attitudes will be fostered by education and supported by custom.
We assume that humanism will take the path of social and mental hygiene and discourage sentimental and unreal hopes and wishful thinking.
TWELFTH: Believing that religion must work increasingly for joy in living, religious humanists aim to foster the creative in man and to encourage achievements that add to the satisfactions of life.
THIRTEENTH: Religious humanism maintains that all associations and institutions exist for the fulfillment of human life. The intelligent evaluation, transformation, control, and direction of such associations and institutions with a view to the enhancement of human life is the purpose and program of humanism. Certainly religious institutions, their ritualistic forms, ecclesiastical methods, and communal activities must be reconstituted as rapidly as experience allows, in order to function effectively in the modern world.
FOURTEENTH: The humanists are firmly convinced that existing acquisitive and profit-motivated society has shown itself to be inadequate and that a radical change in methods, controls, and motives must be instituted. A socialized and cooperative economic order must be established to the end that the equitable distribution of the means of life be possible.
The goal of humanism is a free and universal society in which people voluntarily and intelligently cooperate for the common good.
Humanists demand a shared life in a shared world.
FIFTEENTH AND LAST: We assert that humanism will: (a) affirm life rather than deny it; (b) seek to elicit the possibilities of life, not flee from them; and (c) endeavor to establish the conditions of a satisfactory life for all, not merely for the few.
By this positive morale and intention humanism will be guided, and from this perspective and alignment the techniques and efforts of humanism will flow.

So stand the theses of religious humanism. Though we consider the religious forms and ideas of our fathers no longer adequate,
the quest for the good life is still the central task for mankind.
Man is at last becoming aware that he alone is responsible for the realization of the world of his dreams, that he has within himself the power for its achievement.
He must set intelligence and will to the task.
J.A.C. Fagginger Auer—Parkman Professor of Church History and Theology, Harvard University; Professor of Church History, Tufts College.
E. Burdette Backus—Unitarian Minister.
Harry Elmer Barnes—General Editorial Department, ScrippsHoward Newspapers.
L.M. Birkhead—The Liberal Center, Kansas City, Missouri.
Raymond B. Bragg—Secretary, Western Unitarian Conference.
Edwin Arthur Burtt—Professor of Philosophy, Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University.
Ernest Caldecott—Minister, First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, California.
A.J. Carlson—Professor of Physiology, University of Chicago.
John Dewey—Columbia University.
Albert C. Dieffenbach—Formerly Editor of The Christian Register.
John H. Dietrich—Minister, First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis.
Bernard Fantus—Professor of Therapeutics, College of Medicine, University of Illinois.
William Floyd—Editor of The Arbitrator, New York City.
F.H. Hankins—Professor of Economics and Sociology, Smith College.
A. Eustace Haydon—Professor of History of Religions, University of Chicago.
Llewellyn Jones—Literary critic and author.
Robert Morss Lovett—Editor, The New Republic; Professor of English, University of Chicago.
Harold P Marley—Minister, The Fellowship of Liberal Religion, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
R. Lester Mondale—Minister, Unitarian Church, Evanston, Illinois.
Charles Francis Potter—Leader and Founder, the First Humanist Society of New York, Inc.
John Herman Randall, Jr.—Department of Philosophy, Columbia University.
Curtis W. Reese—Dean, Abraham Lincoln Center, Chicago.
Oliver L. Reiser—Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh.
Roy Wood Sellars—Professor of Philosophy, University of Michigan.
Clinton Lee Scott—Minister, Universalist Church, Peoria, Illinois.
Maynard Shipley—President, The Science League of America.
W. Frank Swift—Director, Boston Ethical Society.
V.T. Thayer—Educational Director, Ethical Culture Schools.
Eldred C. Vanderlaan—Leader of the Free Fellowship, Berkeley, California.
Joseph Walker—Attorney, Boston, Massachusetts.
Jacob J. Weinstein—Rabbi; Advisor to Jewish Students, Columbia University.
Frank S.C. Wicks—All Souls Unitarian Church, Indianapolis.
David Rhys Williams—Minister, Unitarian Church, Rochester, New York.
Edwin H. Wilson—Managing Editor, The New Humanist, Chicago, Illinois; Minister, Third Unitarian Church, Chicago, Illinois.
Copyright © 1933 by The New Humanist and 1973 by the American Humanist Association

Permission to reproduce this material, complete and unmodified, in electronic or printout form is hereby granted free of charge by the copyright holder to nonprofit humanist and freethought publications. All other uses, and uses by all others, requires that requests for permission be made through the American Humanist Association, at

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