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Preface- Illuminate the Human Eliminate the Inhumane

Warning, this document contains material that has been confirmed and verified
Nevertheless, is very controversial and will be offensive to some peoples comfort zones.

Since I cannot know or be right about every thing and certain resources are difficult to confirm;
I offer my challenge to anyone that can honorably read it and factually prove any of it false.
I promise to remove any material proven errant and print a retraction, naming the expositor triumphant.

My Preface:
We live in a world dominated by Science, and although some scientists try their best to be objective, there are some who are more interested in convincing us of what they believe, rather than offering us the unadulterated facts, then allowing us to make up our own minds. Consequently, the power brokers who pay their wages are also in charge of education, society, commerce and the media. Which influences the promotion of their postulations causing them to declare their ostensibly touted paradigm to be confirmed, and they leverage credibility by asserting that their findings are based upon the Scientific method [we are going to try to see if that is accurate in the next few pages]. In addition, when they promote it they demand it to be exclusive, meticulous & reliable, even offering constructed variables and tolerances for greater acceptability!
There are many sincere people that are merely teaching what they were taught and are as honest as they can be, but are not aware of this information so please let us use reason, compassion and love as a common intellectual approach and starting point for this journey towards a greater understanding of the truth. This treatise is not just to leverage an opinion but to honestly say let’s look at the facts objectively and fairly, we have heard their point of view for several decades and since they ousted creationism by saying only one view is biased & unfair; let’s look at the opposing evidence they are aware of but refuse to make public. Remember for a concept to be considered a viable theory, first one must attempt to disprove the postulation. However, If it cannot be refuted yet, it also cannot be absolutely confirmed, at least it earns the right to be considered a theory. But if you prove it false it is relegated to myth or superstition.

I am offering the facts as I can uncover them to invalidate or substantiate proposed paradigms…

(from the “Microsoft Works” Word Processor Dictionary)
“sci·ence: the study of the physical world: the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment.”

The Scientific Method in which I thoroughly and adamantly adhere to;
‘Claims’ to ‘Demand’ “Consistent Results each and every time”.
They decree that “If you can prove something to be errant it is no longer to be considered a theory”.
I have no problem with that, actually, it inspires me to explore;
Moreover, to study to show myself approved

Blind Faith? Darwin or Divine
There has been some controversy over the validity of the scriptures and claims that they are not aligned with nor supported by empirical evidence therefore, in this Treatise using the scientific method and examination of the carefully analyzed data I Am either going to disprove by the evidence or verify & validate Showing Irrefutable Proof that The Prophesies In the ancient Hebrew Scriptures Were Written Before the Events Happened, and fulfilled precisely as Planned & Predicted by offering Authentic Non Biblical Sources that Corroborate and Confirm or refute the Scriptural Records, & prove or refute the theory of evolution if it is at all possible.

Let us begin with the closed door caucuses of the many outspoken authorities in the camp of the evolutionists first shall we [basically what they say amongst themselves-information they painstakingly keep away from the actual tax paying population].

Charles Darwin made it clear; “to suppose that the Eye… could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, Absurd in the highest degree.”
1859 pg. 217
Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it because
the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable. ”
Paul Davies declared in the publication ; New Scientist 12 July 2003
Nobody knows how mixture of lifeless chemicals spontaneously
“organized themselves” into the first living cell.”

That is how they confer amongst themselves behind closed doors
{but never to the honest hardworking populations
who’s extorted tax dollars pay for their research}.

“The first living cells emerged between 4 billion & 3.8 billion years ago“…
“There is no record of the event.” pg. 300…
“the first self-replicating systems must have emerged in this organic soup.” pg. 301
Biology  the unity & diversity of life Wadsworth 1992

Ernst Haeckel staunchly believed in ”spontaneous generation“.
Yet in the trial for his fraudulent gill slits theory, where he was decisively “found guiltyof fraudulently fabricating facts & declaring it was actual evidence;
He confessed his reasoning; It is not because it had been proven in the laboratory,
But “it must be true otherwise“…
…“It would be necessary to believe in a Creator.” University of Jena trial in 1875
At the trial he confessed; “a small percent of my embryonic drawings are forgeries; those namely which the observed material is so incomplete or insufficient as to fill hypothesis and comparative synthesis…” …“I should feel utterly condemned… were it not that hundreds of the best observers and biologists LIE under the same charge.” 
He was known to have said that he changed his mind and the direction of his research after reading Darwin’s “Origen…” in 1860

And here is more proof also that the information based on biogenetics still used to this day in text books and programs promoted on TV, movies, museums and so called scientific literature are fraudulent and disproved…

“the biogenic law as a proof for evolution is valueless.”
W.R. Thompson forward to “Origen…“ 1956 edition

“Moreover the biogenic law has become so deeply rooted in biological thought that it cannot be weeded out in spite of its having been demonstrated to be wrong by numerous subsequent scholars.”
Walter J. Block dept of biological sciences Columbia University “Evolution by Orderly Law” Science vol. 164  may 9  1969  pg.684&685
Yet Even with this knowledge, Textbooks still promote the fallacy of embryology even today & are still Using Haeckel’s fully proven and confessed fraudulent illustrations‘.
Heath Biology 1991 table of contents, “evidence for evolution, Embryology BSCS Biological Science pg. 628 1978

When referring to Haeckel’s fraud conviction and the hoax he had “poorly drawn” Richardson of the St. George Hospital Medical School in London mentioned
that they were still appearing in reference books and said “That is a mystery
New Scientist Sept. 6 1997  pg. 23

How about the phylogenic trees we are told depict our common ancestry?

Mary Leakey declared in an associated press release on Dec. 10 1996;
All those trees of life with their branches of our ancestors, that’s a lot of nonsense.”
Stephen J Gould Harvard University.
Evolutions Erratic Pace Natural History vol. 5 May 1977
The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes
Of their branches; The rest is inference however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils.”

Once again speaking mostly amongst themselves they are far more candid, but when promoting their religion of evolution in many schoolbooks those in charge are very willing to continue the perpetuation of lies to keep the truth as far away from the taxpayers as possible!

Now let’s look at some information they made inadmissible in court, classroom and community gatherings; they claim this information is not true and proven to be a myth yet offer no tangible evidence to support their postulations. They claim it is religious and not scientific therefore it is inadmissible by default. Yet the scientific minds that aroused our imagination and pioneered many of the disciplines of the field itself were believers in the creator.
For instance, here is a short list of contributors…
Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543) [Astronomy] etc…
Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1627) [believed in the Scientific method]
 Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) [Mathematics, Astronomy, Light,]
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) [valuable revelations in Astronomy& Gravity…],
Isaac Newton (1642-1727) [ Gravity, Calculus, Thermo Dynamics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics etc],
Robert Boyle                            [Chemistry]
Michael Faraday                       [Magnetism…],
Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) [Genetics]
William Thomson Kelvin (1824-1907) [Physics, (Thermal Calculations, Thermometer?)],
Max Planck (1858-1947) [Physics]
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) [“Relativity,“ Gravity, “E=MC squared“ etc…]
Louis Pasture [pasteurization and sterilization, His experiments proved life comes from life not from out of nothing,,,] ,

Yet the evolutionary camp merely submit whimsical arguments to insist they have debunked the Bible with ideas such as ‘after the fact’ authoring of the prophecies due to the fact that they were far to detailed and accurately fulfilled to be written beforehand [since according to them we were not created]…and another; incompetent archeology as in the Jericho excavations by Kathleen Kenyon [who was an  accomplished & intelligent person and beneficial in her field, even given accolade’s for her contributions.
Since she did not believe the scriptures and therefore choose an arbitrary location to dig, she found artifacts but said that since Cyprus artifacts were not present where she dug she concluded that the lack of evidence proves Israel and the scriptures were not confirmed to be a valid historical narrative nor the people who in fact fulfilled the documented account…
 Now we know after a simple location & distance adjustment, the Cyprus artifacts were found at the site. The facts are, that the site is to be considered viably confirmed by reputable archeologists to be exactly as the events in the scriptures were described all those years ago [even the fact that part of the wall was still intact and a window still exists, furthermore the city had evidence of fire destruction just as documented in the Scriptures] so even experts can make a mistake when not properly calibrating the tools & instruments of the trade & in science, the brain is certainly one very important tool, but if it looks through certain filters some pertinent evidences can [as we have just seen] get overlooked or undiscovered limiting our ability to analyze the data properly, and cause us [as in Kenyon’s case] to come to improper & or incorrect conclusions. By the way no condemnation she was a sincere individual as far as I know, & she was merely following her mission and procedure according to how she was trained.
Since we are told the scriptures are not based on fact, we must test the theory; let us see if any actual interaction between an omniscient and benevolent Creator, & His chosen people are referred to by any other cultures elsewhere in history…
I was told the scriptures have no outside corroboration to confirm its validity.
I submit that is not a statement grounded in fact but based either in ignorance or misinformed prejudice

For that reason and to verify my postulation I submit the following;

 Quick Example; From Resources’ outside the scriptures

No intelligent and well informed individuals would deny that
The Pharaohs‘, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus of Persia, Alexander the Great,  Darius the Mede, the Ahasesus‘, Xerses, Artaxerses or the Caesar’s were actual persons in History, so lets begin with that.
This is little known information, censored from most History books, but factual public knowledge!
From credible sources like Herodotus “484-425BCE” and also;
Flavius Josephus the Roman Historian”37-100 CE; Documenting most of these historical figures, from many known and authentic historical records. Many factual and personal descriptions and proclamations referring to the times when many of the events in the Hebrew scriptures actually happened, including the event of Alexander the Great entering Jerusalem to subjugate and punish the inhabitants for what he originally presumed was disrespect, and at a determinant stage in their encounter…
He was shown the Cannon of Scriptures which included the Book of Daniel.
While He was being shown the prophecy in Daniel with the passage that referred to
the king of Grecia (which I believe he had just become Sovereign of Macedonia just before that time in history) quickly conquering the world, He perceived, declared, & was openly jubilant that it was He himself described in the prediction! And blessed Israel allowing them to freely exercise their right to keep the Torah, and protected them from foreign tribute! Instead of annihilating them for his assumption that they were disrespectful by keeping their Oaths to His intended enemy and refusing to capitulate to his demands.
Lets take a quick look at what happened…

He sent a letter to Judah stating He wanted them to send their dues to Macedonia instead of Babylon and supply & bear arms against Darius. The High Priest Yahddua replied to him and had informed him that They had made an Oath not to take up arms against their Vassal Sovereign benefactor as long as Darius was alive and they would not break that oath.
Alexander determined to teach the whole world a proper lesson through punishing
Yahddua & the remnant living in the land of Israel to whom they were to Keep their oaths“…
But when Alexander entered the region of Jerusalem he saw the procession and the
High priest wearing His Priestly garments and the miter with the Fathers NameיהוהYHWH embossed upon it, when He Saw the Name of [ יהוה ] YHVH \ YHWH (Yahuah\Yehovah\Yahweh) “He adored it”. Then went into the city and made sacrifices to the Almighty ever-present Creator (and Ruler of the Universe including all it’s inhabitant’s and life form‘s therein) then Alexander communed with the Israelites confounding his entourage who expected to pillage and route the Hebrews, and torture the High priest Yahddua to death. At that point in Time Alexander truly was great!
[there is much more detail and the full account in another chapter of this dissertation]
Antiquities Of The Jews, By Flavius Josephus Book 11 Chapter 8 Paragraph 5.

This establishes the prewritten validity [it had to be written to be presented & read]
and confirms part of the very prophecy itself,
[by the one in the prediction swiftly conquering as inscribed in the text set before Him] two confirmations & a verification At the same time! From Irrefutable Historical Facts!

Example 2; around 150+/- years before Cyrus (Koresh) King of Persia was born and reigned
He was called by Name & his Accomplishments were foretold
28  That saith of Cyrus: 'He is My shepherd, and shall perform all My pleasure';
even saying of Jerusalem: 'She shall be built'; and to the temple:
'My foundation shall be laid.'
Isa; 44;28

 1  Thus saith Yahuwah to His anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held, to subdue nations before him, and to loose the loins of kings; to open the doors before him, and that the gates may not be shut:
Isa; 45;1

Declaring that the Temple and City would be rebuilt long
before they were destroyed! (On the 9th of Av circa 587 BCE). (probably what caused Isaiah to be martyred, since he predicted it yet it had not happened, but when It did He was exonerated and his writings were fully confirmed, dug up & canonized)
[all dates are estimates based on available data]
Factually in History, Isaiah lived and recorded his proclamations’ around 740-680 BCE; believe me if it was not true all the dictionaries & encyclopedias would certainly openly declare this information as false, yet they confirm it to be true.
(Isaiah 39:1 along with 2Ki 20:12 as a corroborating script, record the event when “Berodachbaladan, the son of Baladan, king of Babylon“, sent letters to King Hezekiah in Judea (Yahuda) when he heard he had been sick circa 721* BCE \ [3292] just a few chapters before the passages we just read. The letters were found among conglomerated  records in the archives of the Babylonian\ Medo-Persian and Macedonian dynasties libraries, [along with other decrees and pronouncements throughout their interactions with these nations as they succeeded down through the timeline including the Trans-Jordan, Syrian, Lebanese (Byblos [?Bible’s?] was one of the first record libraries‘) & Egyptian regimes‘]. 
So the story is not only found in the Scriptures, as so many opponents’ of the facts
in and of the Scriptures, would have you believe.
Although at this point in my studies, I am not certain of the exact chronology of Isaiah’s documented prophecies‘, and whether or not they’re strictly linear or as Daniel which moves forward and backward in time (but Daniel gives us (as Yeremyahu [Jeremiah], also uses)  “year of monarch” reference dates) & Ezekiel often uses monarch references with year of exile dates.
[Forgive me when I find more time I will remedy this confession by replacing it with the answer if I can].
But using 721*BCE as a reference point should be a little more accurate than from the beginning of his ministry nearly 19 years +\- earlier…
Example 3;
Jeremiah around 605 BCE predicted that the Children of Israel would be gone from the land for 70 years, then allowed to return…
Circa 605 BCE;
Jer_29:10  For thus saith the LORD: After seventy years are accomplished for Babylon, I will remember you, and perform My good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place.
Circa 537 BCE
Dan 9:1  In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus, of the seed of the Medes, who was made king over the realm of the Chaldeans;
Dan_9:2  in the first year of his reign I Daniel meditated in the books, over the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD [YHWH] came to Jeremiah the prophet, that He would accomplish for the desolations of Jerusalem seventy years.
(to be elaborated further in the first chapter of this exposition)
How about something written thousands of years ago that happened right in front of our grandparents eyes, documented on film, and in some cases experienced in person to one extent or another… It was predicted that Israel would be kicked out of the land twice and brought back [605bce-535bce & 70ce- May 14, 1948ce] to the very same tract of land and named specifically “ the land of Israel” and we see with our own contemporary resources that it is in fact called the land of Israel and after almost 2 millennia dispersed it has been fulfilled.
The “Promised” “Land“ (and actually predicted to be called the “Land {Eretz}” of “Israel {Yisrael}” circa 590bce [Ch 20 vs.42] 2600+\- years ago, fulfilling even more prophetic declarations‘]).
Ezekiel 7:2(Hebrew Old Testament)right to left
 ואתה בן־אדם כה־אמר אדני יהוה לאדמת ישׂראל קץ בא הקץ על־ארבעת כנפות הארץ׃

{Ha-eretz} land                             {YIsrael}   {YHWH} {Adoni}

(Jewish Publication Society - translation)  'And thou, son of man, thus saith “the Lord {Adoni} GOD” {YHWH} concerning the {land {Eretz}} of {Israel}: An end! the end is come upon the four corners of the land.

And just in case the previous verse was not convincing enough;

Eze 20:41  With your sweet savour will I accept you, when I bring you out from the peoples, and gather you out of the countries wherein ye have been scattered; and I will be sanctified in you in the sight of the nations.
Eze 20:42  And ye shall know that I am “the LORD“ [YHWH], when I shall bring you into the land of Israel, into the country which I lifted up My hand to give unto your fathers.
Eze 20:41 & 42
Eze 20:41  בריח ניחח ארצה אתכם בהוציאי אתכם מן־העמים וקבצתי אתכם מן־הארצות אשׁר נפצתם בם ונקדשׁתי בכם לעיני הגוים׃

Eze 20:42  וידעתם כי־אני יהוה בהביאי אתכם אל־אדמת ישׂראל אל־הארץ אשׁר נשׂאתי את־ידי לתת אותה לאבותיכם׃

So much for disproving the Scriptures, but can we say we proved them to be infallible?
Granted you may say that this is only a few examples and has not proven anything to you because just as I was, you were also told the scriptures were based on myths and legends‘ and that there is no basis in fact… Hold on for a moment, I just showed you otherwise, and wait, There is much more, We are just barely getting started!?!? But I cant give it all to you at once…

And Please understand that since that occasion in 332 BCE when the prophecies of Daniel were presented to Alexander, the writings of Isaiah, and Jeremiah were also among the Cannon of compiled scriptures set before Him, and you may claim that their presentation to him was after the fact as far as some of the prophecies are concerned, but they were in fact shown to some of the ruling leaders stated above (Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus King of Persia, Darius the Mede, & Darius the Great) before they were fulfilled, which will be shown soon and please do not forget they also included the Instructions and Writings of Moses, Joshua, the Judges, Samuel, David & Shalom (Solomon) (many of whom predicted and documented various prophesied events included with the predictions of the destruction of the City, Temple & 2 dispersions that in fact took place long after they were documented and before they were shown to Alexander), together with other important documents, and many of the fulfilled prophecies, lending credence to the fact that many more were still to be fulfilled in the text set before Him, that we will easily show in the paragraphs, pages & chapters to follow, therefore as we study these along with those discussed so far, we will be showing their accuracy and That will certainly continue to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt they were written before and that they were accurately fulfilled as documented, and positively establishes validity and value to the Author (the Father above) and the prophets who dictated them to the scribes as He dictated the information to them and documented the text’s exactly as it was given to those He entrusted the information to share with the generations to follow!

Daniel & surviving family members were lead captives sometime around
605 BCE and then the city & temple were desecrated pillaged & destroyed somewhere near 586\7 BCE on the 9th of Av…
And in 535 BCE the children of Israel were allowed to return to the Land which is an absolute fact of History! And will be expounded upon further in the first chapter.

Cyrus actually Reigned in Babylon around 538\7- 530+\- BCE, he made decrees his first year that began the process of some of the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecies’ regarding Cyrus performing the Fathers will.
721* - 538 = 183years+\- the time in between the events in Isaiah’s life; We can confidently conclude; the prophecies were actually written approximately 150++/-- years before they were factually fulfilled [a semi-generous estimate?]

So having assurance of the credibility of the Scriptures, and By the Shear Weight of Empirical Evidence in the textual declarations, using the method; Explore to Explain;
Due to the Septuagint & discovery of the Salt Sea Scrolls irrefutably showing no drastic changes in text, regarding Predictions, Genealogies‘, Narrations or Descriptions]

I conclude & evoke the following formula;
The More the Father speaks on a subject the more We should Pay Attention;
And I operate and advocate in the approach of Investigating “Content in Context.
I will Show the necessity of finding and immersing ourselves in the purest versions of His Word. By quoting His servants, who were verifiably authenticated by “the Very” accurately fulfilled Prophecies The Father Had “them” personally document
In His Word.

But we will need to be fair and proceed with scrutiny because even though The prophetic predictions in the Scriptures were accurate that does not & can not confirm every prediction and postulation past and present that certain “religious leaders” down through the ages and even recently proclaim, it just confirms that the Almighty Ever-Present Creator exists and has given us His signature of authenticity in the Original text and we need to examine and apply His Words to our Hearts, minds, thoughts, intensions and actions thoroughly.
Alright now let’s get back to brass tacks…. Evolution versus Creation, Religion versus Science… Yes, if what I have and am about to present are in fact the truth than we can confidently conclude the exact opposite of the prevalently common conception is actually juxtaposed to reality and we can declare that factually evolution is the religion and Creation is in fact the true science;
 As we are going to delve deeper and explore even further, Some of the Topics We are going to cover are;
*to save time, if you are in a hurry please skip to the next asterisk if knowing the topics to be covered are inconsequential to you at this point…

History; Politics, Sociology, Government, Monarchy, Hierarchy, democracy, communism, socialism, Religion, Commerce, War, Alliances’ & Allegiances, population control, making and taking Oaths, True Humanitarianism vs. The Truth in & of modern Humanism, etc…. 

Science; Solar and Atomic Radiation, Cosmology, Physics, Thermodynamics, Chemistry, Microbiology, DNA (a Biological-Electromagnetic Computer Program), Medicine, Diseases & Sickness like, Swine & Avian flu’s, SARS, AIDS, Morgellons syndrome and the myriads of Cancers from Toxins and Pollution in the Air, Water and Foods we eat etc…
Contemporary Causes of Famines…

Geology & Archeology, Coal, Oil and Natural Gas formations and Reservoirs,’ Tectonic activity, Earthquakes, Meteorology, Tsunamis’ [HAARP governmental atmospheric microwave emitters causing the appearance & multiplying the intensity of] so called
Global warming, Radically Violent weather as in Hurricanes & Tornados etc…
clear cutting land destroying rain forests etc…

Astronomy; Stars and The Constellations including Our Solar System,
The Sun’s Properties and its effects upon Interplanetary relationships,
The Earth and Moon symbiosis;
Space Exploration and Travel,
Extraterrestrials, Aliens, and UFO‘s,

Asteroid Impact & how it affected tectonic speed and direction as well as earths axis angles along with devastations and eradication of all the regions life forms involved in the impact & fallout zones, sometimes burying humans & animals and causing fossilization, etc…
Fossils; From the Microscopic post Radioactive Alpha\Beta+ Ash Halo‘s in the Minerals of the Basement rocks where no fossils of living creatures have ever been found…
To the sediments above those formations where not only Dinosaurs‘ have been unearthed but also interred amongst them in many Cases & Many Places were Human’s along with other animals both Domesticated and Wild, where all were found entombed together!
But Predictably, the Opposition Never Reveals This Information and Hides, Censors,
Averts, Squelches or Masks any Inference of Their Existence!
Example; here are pictures of an actual excavation of a fossilized dinosaur with a fossilized man in its mouth as they were both buried together; [I recently found a site where some claimed they placed it as a hoax, cannot confirm or deny as yet]
As far as the actual fossils are concerned; When specimens from supposed differing age differentiation’s according to the fabricated geological column, are essentially found buried together these scientific specimens are falsely called ‘out of place anomalies’ in the “geologic column” [without proving the anomaly was a geologic intrusion {clearly the dino eating the human is no intrusion}unless it is a fake of course] and they constantly dismiss the evidence as an abnormality, then they inherently deem it inadmissible, solely due to the Fact that  
they do not Believe in or Agree with the factual Evidence!
So they diminish the information and its implications as an irregularity that is not Worth any Research or Investigation and
they certainly will not consider nor Tolerate Any Scrutiny!
Then they Resolutely Cast Out the Evidence Instead of Chucking the Errant Theory back into the Pile of Fertilizer it came from]

That is contrary to the devised scientific method;
They refused to study, examine or even look at the facts,
they did not disprove them in any way,
yet they dogmatically declared them errant!
Which according to their own rules
is not trustworthy Science in any aspect
nor showing any respect regarding the Scientific method!

I will Show With Factual Scientific evidence and Logical Reasoning
citing authorities from All Sides of the Issue that
The Creation Narrative and the account Of Noah’s Flood were actual, and True[if it is possible.
Certifying  the Absolute Validity of the Word And Power of {YHVH- Yahuah\Yehovah \Yahweh} nicknamed Lord, G-g...

Obviously Many but not All were Buried at the Same Time.
Many others through the ages were buried by subsequent tectonic adjustments like tsunamis’ due to earthquakes and Volcanic activity [near or underneath the oceans, and beneath the land masses], including mud flows, landslides, or of course local and flash floods;
The actual Geological Evidence shows that The Basement Granite Rocks and minerals have no life forms in them at all. But they do have radioactive materials encased in the crystalline matrix of the rocks [“polonium (210)(212)(214)(218) [Dr .R. Gentry];”
some having life spans from around 33 seconds, to merely a few minutes and some that last just a number of days, & up to around a month, certainly some are even longer but of course we only hear of the longer life span elements from the faculty in charge?!?].
Then in the sediment layers above the basement granites, we See Suddenly
All Kinds and Types of life forms instantly living together, Then abruptly myriads of them [frozen in time like the population of Pompeii at the foot Vesuvius in 79 ad\ce]
Buried Alive, these specimens’ were buried ‘many in similar fashions’ yet were dispersed all over the entire planet.

These life forms were interred together caught in the act of living their lives then
swiftly and unexpectedly enveloped in the sediments leaving massive conglomerations
of grossly contorted & disarticulated skeletons in “Bone Graveyards”, The most densely populated burial cases were  deposited by Water and sometimes mingled with volcanic ash, & lava,  in some places, myriads of fossils were intermingled in Volcanic mudflows;
Speaking of the sediments, what causes them?
One day, as many of us do, I was watching TV, and as I was surfing the channels during the commercials, one of the science or history channels was highlighting the Grand Canyon, since the Gorges valleys and ravines in the “Canyon” are a great place to examine the layers of that region unencumbered, I stopped surfing.
As I was watching that part of the program I was specifically told by the woman representative chosen by the forestry, parks and resources departments emphatically & dogmatically that…
“…It takes millions of years for a few centimeters of sediment to accumulate“…
Without offering a shred of evidence, without showing any examined & verified scientific data, without running any tests to gather information to confirm their postulations!
And certainly ignoring the fact that the Colorado river that they say carved it, takes untold tons of sediment every year downstream, and has to deposit it somewhere, if you go to where the rapids are flowing and randomly take a gallon sample in the turbid eddies and let the water evaporate then weigh the sediment you can extrapolate the amount of sediment leftover by the estimated volume traversing from the headwaters and heading to the final destination and you will see that it is transporting far more than a few centimeters’ possibly in a week, but certainly no more time than a year to transport that amount.
[The gallon container itself may have more than a centimeter of sediment [sans aqua]
for all I know lets go see if we can find out sometime shall we?!?!]

Yet with absolute confidence as if what she was stating was an irrefutable fact,
She declared their tenaciously touted yet thoroughly tenuous Paradigm Supreme!

On that note let’s look at more of actual the facts of the situation easily observed by any honest individual, and explain it so that even a 4 year old can understand what we are talking about.

EXAMPLE 1; The recent earthquakes near & around Japan (2011) and others previously in the Eastern Asian Isles (2004), that produced immense swift moving, rogue waves called Tsunamis causing Massive devastations and terrible destructions!
After the initial disasters happened (that took less than a day, for the multiplicities’ of waves to hit and disperse) and rescue & recovery operations were under way,
the extreme amounts of Material that had been dislodged, and had become part of the hydraulic bulldozer scouring vast amounts of real estate, property, possessions‘, people, pets, plants and anything in its path, when it had eventually come to rest and settled as the energy finally dissipated and the water abated.
The depth and substance of the pile of organic and man made material made finding and rescuing the victims difficult and dangerous to say the least.
And the sediments deposited were considerably more than a centimeter and certainly several feet to many meters in most places over vast amounts of the effected regions!

EXAMPLE 2; [also in Japan 2007] Like the landslide Caught on video, that swiftly took scores of acres of dirt, along with the trees, plants and animals down to the bottom of the mountain and buried them instantly in the ravine below.
Thousands of tons of material, in nearly 90 Seconds from the breach of the surface;
(Not 90 Billion years but merely  90 seconds, 1.5 (1 and a half) minutes),
Several feet to Many Meters of sediment & material were re-deposited.
Or how about the event in Washington state where the video shows people in a truck driving as fast as they could safely go to escape the massive Landslide chasing them down the street in a neighborhood built on mountainous terrain, gathering cars, trucks, trees, plants, animals, and anything it could devour as they barely escaped with their life! Innumerable tons of stuff and staggering amounts of removed and re-deposited material, many meters deep in some places. Much more than a few centimeters‘!
EXAMPLE 3; How about when some of us personally Experienced Mt. St. Helen’s,
May 18 1980 we learned that what actually happens due to the processes of this living breathing planet were different than, what we were taught in Schools, Universities, in Movies and on TV;
Although many geologists were in fact warning people due to the swelling of the side of the mountain, exposing great forces within the volcano, we were all completely oblivious to the danger and magnitude of the devastation and raw power unleashed in the initial explosion and in subsequent eruptions.
By the way Harry Truman [not the X president] never left his porch when warned to
Leave the area due to the danger indicated by tremors and expansion, and as we would see if we could find him and dig him up, he has become a fabulous contemporaneously made fossil.
Of course we know “now” that they were signs of the regions Tectonic adjustment, relieving pent-up stresses due to the seafloor and water, being pushed under the continent in one direction and descending into the mantel, melting beneath the surface of the crust of landmass as “It” was slowly moving in a different direction causing and succumbing to tremendous pressures, heat & friction.
When we examine some of the data collected and analyzed over the last few decades since the events, we learned a great deal about the entire planet’s tectonic cycle of mountain building, seafloor movement construction & destruction, and mineral resource compilation
Such as coal bed deposit & formation, speeds and depths of geological deposition, mudflows and canyon carving, and lava dome creation, erosion & rebuilding etc…
[Actual factMt. St. Helen’s initial eruption on the 18th of May
The summit lost over 1200 feet’ in height, and the Sediment descended burying everything in its fallout zone in just a matter of moments!
It blew the water of Spirit Lake out of its boundaries‘, Knocking a forest down & then as the sediment and the material finally settled, the base of the ‘mere’ and water level of the lake itself, were raised around 200 feet higher than before the eruption & subsequent Landslide!

Additionally the lake was covered with myriads of logs floating on the surface, some were prostrate and some prone, with the branches and bark mostly stripped bare and the shredded wood particles over time had settled to the bottom. This provided most of the material needed to make a coal bed.
All that was needed was for the bio-matter to be covered by clay and within a few years, or decades even a century or two and it could have formed coal.
Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe, by: Dr. Steven A. Austin
This theory has been studied, tested and verified in the laboratory many times over with absolutely consistent & reliable results! [Dr. R. Gentry & His Son David]
(Who knows {I believe it did but} maybe under the raised base beneath the surface of the water there was some sediment that did in fact cover some of the bio-matter and coal has or maybe forming unbeknownst to us already).
I say we go find out to see for ourselves, just for fun.
Not enough? Yellowstone (deemed a Super Volcano) rocked the region several times. Each event with eruptions blanketing hundreds & even thousands of square miles burying humans, animals, plants etc…each incident erupted with sediment and lava flows many times the mass of Mt. St. Helen’s and depositing sediment so thick & so vast that it is hard to accurately measure it!
Contributing to the geologic features including the badlands of the Wyoming, Montana, and Dakota’s section of the ancient America’s and burying [by the same processes] one of the largest coal beds ever found… Possibly melting giant glaciers, causing or assisting not only in the Columbia river region with it’s Gorge, and other amazing geological features, lakes and rivers, but also may have instigated some of the layers and subsequently the breach of the Grand Canyon by contributing to the mass of waters and sediments to overwhelm the canyon’s southwestern retaining wall, allowing enormous amounts of water to escape rapidly and carving the canyons very quickly, [since the walls are not polished it lends credence to swift moving water gouging gorge’s in recently deposited material, not eroding ancient accumulations of solid rocks over Millennia, Billennia or Trillennia].
The depths remaining from the removed material in the chasm’s, allowed us to see the layers that were deposited from earlier eruptions from the conglomeration of the territories multiplicities’ of volcanoes, and erosions from the regions upper highlands.
Of course the earthquakes in the California, Baja, Nevada, and Arizona regions could have had large enough seismic activity to breach the Chasm and Yellowstone may not have had anything to do with the Grand Canyon breach, but scientists have recently declared and confirmed that Yellowstone extremely devastated its region many times with massively thick layers of material. More than a few centimeters’ and certainly in a very short time!
[Again; actually taught] we are told “it takes millions of years for a few centimeters to accumulate“… Since that is a major conflict with the facts that we personally observed, and as we have and will continue to see; it happens more often than not, rendering consistent data. The Mississippi, Amazon, Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, Ganges, just to name a few of All the Rivers that carry Tons of Sediment Every Year & re-deposit them down stream; Scientists know this information yet they claim it takes Millions & Billions of years!
That certainly invalidates the theory of evolution based upon the “Geological Column” used to instill the concept of the long ages needed for evolution to occur, and for the phylogenic tree asserting the “hypothetical” common ancestry of all the life forms living or extinct from a single solitary single celled organism that accidentally formed randomly by chance .
This reliable, verified & validated information absolutely & unequivocally relegates thetheory” of evolution back to the rank of a myth with no shadow of a doubt!
Demoralizing and defeating the mythical “hypothesis” of the imaginary
Geologic column”. In factuality it does not exist in its supposed entirety or even in consistent partiality anywhere on earth! Or anywhere in the universe for that matter.
In REALITY it only exists in their imagination rendering it indisputably false!
And severely Bringing into question their motives and competence as so called authorities on the subject of “Geological Time

Additionally, Scientifically speaking, Whenever we find creatures deemed younger  buried beneath those deemed older, or those considered “evolved to” beneath those supposed to be “evolved from” that essentially debunks the theories foundation, structure & facade altogether, and according to the Scientific Method, invalidates their postulations and credibility!
As in archaeopteryx, it was found buried in layers of sediment above but was literally laterally located to creatures found buried below in deeper sediments, that are considered completely & absolutely Avian!
But I will bet the 100 Billion dollars of the accumulated national debt we spent in the last few years, caused by funding the education systems curriculum staunchly asserting and paying for entities trying to prove the theory of evolution, that you never heard of this evidence from the evolutionists erroneously dictated textbooks!
Or how about when horses are found beneath or even beside Hyrax’s, eohippuses, and tapir’s etc…
Yet surprisingly enough, as unrepresentative and unscientific as that is,
They are still steadfastly displayed as an excellent example of evolution!
                                                                          dinosaur footprint stepping on a human foot print!
EXAMPLE 4; Not only have Fossilized Footprints of humans and dinosaurs been discovered together in some places, but human remains and artifacts have also been discovered in the rocks as well.

The scientists that found the prints and artifacts took painstaking care to test & retest
The samples and consistently came up with the same results.
The tracks went across the river bed and were coming from & going back under the subsequent deposits that covered them up. They carefully removed the overlying sediments and recorded the steps with documentation and photographs, showing that the tracks were not a fabricated hoax but in fact were actual ancient tracks made by dinosaurs, Humans and other animals both wild and possibly some that were domesticated!
Yet Online I found many sites where they [“the authorized scientific community”] demanded the evidence to be errant yet they refused every offer to go to the site
And participate in the excavations or experiments to verify or to invalidate the data; and recently I read an account where the government allowed the Human tracks to be destroyed while the Law states that destroying the Dinosaur tracks to be a violation punishable to an aggressive extent!
By their own rules That disqualifies their claims to be Scientists
And Their Criticisms’ Against the Facts!

We will see more on this when we examine the Pauluxy River Valley Excavations,
In Glen Rose Texas, and also from invaluable & revealing expeditions in other locations.
So you can see we are not just supposed to tolerate an unproven theory…
It is a disproved myth illegally & immorally forced upon us by the government officials & pseudo-scientists at our own expense certainly not theirs, they get paid very well for their crimes by the government and private investors, who profit heavily by using the postulations to exploit and control our monies and our freedoms!
By getting away with false advertising and selling items that should [and used to] be illegal and punishable for distribution, due to their poisoning and harming “We the People”.

By claiming the scriptures illegal, errant & inadmissible they are free from scrutiny for their lies and discrimination purposely perpetrated upon the honest hardworking taxpayers.

Lets review what the government established religion of evolution, sermonized by the ordained Priests AKA the so called scientific community purposely postulated by their high priest Chuckles Darwin claiming them to be a myth shall we;

They adamantly and dogmatically proclaim (without any research to verify their postulations’ that the scriptures are fallible & untrustworthy…
To be Scientifically Fair (Pretending our first examples were not offered and confirmed as yet) Lets review some of the evidence they claim is false and examine a few more to have a look for a moment and see if they are correct
* if you do not want to re-read the previously offered scriptures please skip down to the next asterisk, thanx.

Jer_29:10  For thus saith Yahuah, That after seventy years
be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place.

Dan_9:2  In the first year of his reign (Nebuchadnezzar circa 605/4 bce)
I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of YHWH came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.

And now in our generation with Israel Back in the land as predicted

Jer_33:7  And I will cause the captivity of Judah (Yahuda) and the
captivity of Israel to return, and will build them, as at the first.

Jer_33:11  The voice of joy, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride, the voice of them that shall say, Praise Yahuvah creator and ruler of hosts: for YHVH is good; for his mercy endureth for ever: and of them that shall bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of YHVH.
For I will cause to return the captivity of the land, as at the first, saith YHWH.

Jeremiah lived and documented the Fathers predictions circa 627-585 BCE,
& Ezekiel possibly started His prophetic declarations & documentations Circa 592BCE and for at least 22 years proclaimed the Prophecies’ we have & will be examining as well…
Somewhere around (or not long after) the captivity began, circa 605 BCE Jeremiah dictated the prophecy that Israel would not return to the Promised Land until 70 years had passed…(the “Babylonian captivity” circa “605-535 BCE” that equals 70 years). 
And we know for a fact they were carried away, and
70 years later they were allowed to return that is an absolute fact of History!
Anyone who denies that has never picked up an honestly documented history book and studied the information available!

At Sometime in His ministry He predicted [by the Fathers prompting certainly] the second return of the children of Israel to the promised Land as we just read, and previously read from Ezekiel...
That makes me confident in claiming “those Prophecieswere documented around 2300 & also 2600 years before the most recent events occurred! I am estimating the times & dates of course.
When Alexander the Great was in Jerusalem in the fourth century bce, circa 332  he was shown the book of Daniel, to present the prophecy He Himself perceived as the person in the prediction, and in fact He was.

Among the other “books” in the Cannon of scriptures including (the TORAH [called “the Pentateuch“ and sometimes “the Law“ including a compilation of “the Prophets” up to that point in time, and along with any of “the writings“ they had accumulated]) were the writings of Samuel, the Judges, King’s David, & Shalom, and also the predictions of Isaiah, Jeremiah & Ezekiel as well!

Since they were in reality Documented to be seen and read by those obviously accepted as Real People {Darius the Mede, Cyrus the Persian, Darius the Great, Artexerses etc…} that actually existed in History! And (Again)
Since the Septuagint (2nd & 3rd century bce) & much later and closer to our generation “the Dead Sea Scrolls” (Salt Sea Scrolls, in Qumran, discovered in 1947-56)
have positively shown with out a doubt
that the prophetic text is essentially the same…
We can safely conclude that they were written
as stated” long before the fulfillment and not modified
after the events as the opponents of the Scriptures would have us believe!

By the rules of the scientific method that disqualifies their denunciation, credibility
and purposely perpetrated & preposterously presented postulations to the contrary!

At the very same time Scientifically Verifying &
Establishing the Scriptures as Valid, Credible, Reliable and Valuable!

Take that nimrod, caesar, mohamud, darwin, huxley, marx, stalin, hitler, carl sagan, steven’s spielberg & hawking, and the rest of you sycophant, fraudulent tools…
…taking tectonic tons of treasure for promoting your false & disproved religion of evolution, enabling extricated excuses for the leaders of the world to cause the eradications and exploitations of the masses!
Your just as bad as all the other religious frauds you hypocritically criticize for promoting “their false” and “disproved religions” & doctrines and used their beliefs’ to do the same sort of exploitation!
It is just one disproved religion criticizing another, and as we will see combining to continue together but only for a short while, until
Quantum-Pseudo-Scientific-Mysticism takes over completely and destroys religion as we know it {“the whore riding on the Beast” in Revelation ch. 17}!  

Make no mistake about it Evolution is a Religion
not in anyway scientific or in anyway a fact it is pseudo science!
Don’t believe me? here it is in their own confession of faith,
Taken from the humanist manifesto documented in 1933!
To wit; & Verbatim!

#1;Religious humanists regard the Universe as self-existing and Not Created.” (therefore evolved by random processes)…

#5: Humanism asserts that the Nature of the Universe depicted by modern science *makes unacceptable*
any Supernatural {No Creator} or cosmic guarantees of Human Values*{no Scriptural validity or value thereof}”…

You can read the entire document that I downloaded from the internet in the chapter
Aptly named the Big Bang Boomerang“…

It exposes religious hypocrites and conspiratorial fraudulent so called scientists, that twisted the facts and presented fraudulent information as factual evidence, I.E.
“Nebraska Man”from a tooth of a pig;
 & in England Piltdown Man a man’s head with an apes jaw!
 consequently we all lost our nation and resources!]
We can easily see that We are Immorally forced at our own expense to accept an *Illegal* postulation! That has been disproved since the beginning of time and more recently in our own generation, many times over, & right in front of our very eyes!
(it was illegal to teach evolution in America until they immorally and illegally changed the laws through fraud and deceit, basically starting with the “Scopes Monkey Trial“)
More on these subjects and others as stated in my chapter Big Bang Boomerang…
Just as the scriptures predicted, declaring a Great falling away of the believers &
fence sitters and further distancing the non believers due to a Strong Delusion arising in the end times…
3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless
the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition…
2 Thess 2:3

11 And for this reason Yahuvah will send them strong delusion,
that they should believe the lie
2 Thess 2:11

Myth Busters Extraordinaire!

From our perspective, since The Empirical Evidence shows that We have essentially found Both the “living” and [“actually or considered extinct” “Plants and Animals”
(such as the coelacanth caught between Africa & Madagascar in 1938, & a plesiosaur caught in a net off the coast of new Zealand by Japanese fisherman 1977) and possibly another plesiosaur in Russia semi-recently ], and even in the late 1800’s & early 1900’s  Pterosaurs were found and photographed{all available Pictures will be presented later}
contemporaneously existing on the Earth and then suddenly myriads of them, from all types of Genus, families and species were simultaneously buried together…
We can conclude that Since the Majority of Index Genus for each species were in fact all Found Buried Together in burial sites all over the Earth and even at the tops of the highest mountains various fossils were found…then logically, all life forms did in fact live together as the scriptures declared and were not separated by millions or billions of years!
When animals considered fully evolved such as birds from humming birds to Condors, or how about other creatures that fly such as, Pterosaurs,  Pterodactyls, Pteranodons, Bats, flying squirrels‘ etc…
lets have some fun with more examples; octopus’, cuttlefish, Squids,
dogs, wolves, coyotes‘, Platypus‘, mice, rats,  Beaver, nutria, Rock chuck, squirrels, chipmunks, cats, saber tooth tigers, Lions, leopards, cougars, tigers, Jaguars, Manx, Bobcats, tree frogs, bullfrogs, toads, cows, Bison, buffalo, Elephants, Mastodons‘, Mammoths, walrus’, manatee, seal, sea lion, fish, whales, porpoises‘, sharks, horseshoe crab, trilobite, rock crab, crawdads, lobsters, & of course, Dinosaurs [from water, land & air {some already listed}], etc… when they have been found buried together they negate the evolutionary process since the transitions are not present but the supposed transitioned from one & to another are entombed altogether.
[See the Utah museum, or the Calaveras tar pit’s list of conglomerated fossils in their excavations (for fun)]
Since , horses [from Clydesdales to ponies], Zebras, tapirs, deer, gazelles, elk, moose, camels, Llamas, Alpacas, Ibex, rams. goats etc…  were all found buried in the same deposits in varying degrees and percentages, without any transitions present, the theory of evolution is thoroughly busted and to be relegated to a myth where it belongs!
Here is a short list of the animals excavated from the “La Brea Tar Pits”
And as far as Millions of billions of years…

Certainly the Earth and the Solar system we live in are exactly as old as they actually are and I will not presume to attempt to calculate any ages as I do not know of any formulas to give any accurate results to that effect;
But I can & will offer precise formulas and calculations that will irrefutably blow the evolutionists preposterous postulations out of the proverbial primordial pool!.

As You will soon see (if you choose to continue to read this outrageous exposition)
The Earth itself certainly could never be as old as the evolutionists’ claim it is!

The following treatise Includes various bits of factual and Philosophical information on a variety of subjects.
It required sifting through tons of dirt just to Mine a few particles of gold at a time but it was well worth the effort.
Mysteries uncovered from Ancient Knowledge, Revealed to a few select groups and individuals and recorded for our Mental, Spiritual and Philosophical enlightenment,
[no not Kabbalah, nor in any way influenced by it or anything other than Scripture and honorable Scientific methods and Data]
Revealing The Meaning of Life and when Honored
are an enhancement for the Quality of our Very Existence!

Certainly there are no contradictions in the Original Scriptures but there are many found in the translations due to inculcated doctrines of men added since the Prophecies and Instructions, Rules & Regulations were first recorded, and due to the fact that they were not translated by scholars with the same veracity to maintain the Textual Integrity as the Hebrew scribes in the earlier generations, we need to find and study the earliest and most textually pure versions possible.

Case in point; Although I do not in any way believe in Legalism…
[I believe that is how religious and secular entities control the masses], nor do I condone,
or want to convince any one into accepting or believing anything improper or untoward.

I do however, want to encourage each and everyone to explore, verify, study and apply the tangible truth to their lives willingly because it is the right way to be a follower of those who Originally proclaimed the prophecies and to those who witnessed the life, words, & deeds and were personally trained by (and just as Moses was) A prophet unlike any other and documented what they had seen & heard, declaring that He had fulfilled the prophecies, was executed & rose as predicted and restored our relationship with the Father above (the Prince of Shalom (Peace), Immanuel). (Deut 18;15-19, Isa. Chapters +50-55+ & Daniel 9, Malachi 4;4-6 etc…)
The first century [{second, third or forth? Phase - Adam, Abraham, Moses, Messiah}  or what is called the New Testament & also some call it the “Renewed Covenant“] disciples followed and obeyed the one with the same name as Moses right hand Man, and also the High Priest in the time of  Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai & Zechariah, anglicized to the name Joshua [meaning “Yahuvah  is Salvation” according to Ryrie and another source claims the meaning “Yahuweh Saves” etc…]
(that I heard from [?around the time of Constantine?] in the third century or so was “called”
[& pronounced] Izeus[not before then (to my knowledge)] up until the 12 century when the “J”
was invented & added, then he was re-nicknamed Jesus… [due to the phonetic connotation of the name ‘Izeus raising flags, [possibly \ probably] among the more intelligent congregants, inspiring their desiring to camouflage their ulterior nomenclature].

Not to burst bubbles, nor actually hurt any ones feelings, nor shake their faith in their “Risen Messiah”, but in reality and in an Absolute Fact of History;
The One Called “Jesus Christ”  lived… was Executed By Crucifiction…
And certainly rose from the dead as prophesied thousands of years before It happened in Jerusalem approximately 2000+\- years ago But His actual Name was the Same as the one called “Joshua” Moses right hand man and was more precisely pronounced Yahushua, meaning
“Yahuah Saves“(some times translated Jehovah or Yahweh).

(please don’t despair we will explore the life of this Loving and benevolent Hebrew Prophet that was in fact executed in the eternal city {Yahrushalom} called Jerusalem almost 2 Millennia ago & His accomplishments and Surname including how & why it was replaced in detail in many places in this dissertation)…
I promise you will be enlightened and not at all disappointed.

In Fact He pointed only to the Father mostly quoting and proclaimed to be fulfilling the Scriptures, with many signs, wonders’ and miracles being attributed to Him during His time here on Earth, and we know this through  Eyewitness’ testimonies, both pro & con.
According to their own words, down to their last breath, from being under threat for declaring the Holy Names

Act_4:7  And when they had set them in the midst, they asked, By what power, or by what name, have ye done this?
Act_4:17  But that it spread no further among the people, let us straitly threaten them, that they speak henceforth to no man in this name.
Act_5:28  Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man's blood upon us.

… to persecutions
Act 5:40  And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Yahushua, and let them go.

and execution (martyrdom) For proclaiming His Resurrection, yet they never recanted nor retracted their Eyewitness testimonies.
Account’s which are documented with myriads of copies in many places all over the planet down through the Ages and quoted often in this exposition...
To be scientifically fair and Historically accurate, We will be examining the evidence to determine if there is any proof to verify or facts to invalidate their proclamations’ very soon;

More for the rest of the world who want to make an informed decision and not just take my opinions to seriously, & certainly since my opinion means little anyway, I Will offer His Words on the matter

By The Scriptures I Will show the importance of I myself, & My Family Obeying & following The Father’s Commandments, As far as I am concerned Simply because He commanded it and I need no other reason.

here are just a few examples to begin with;

1. Now therefore hearken, O Israel,
unto the Statutes and unto the Judgments,
which I teach you, to do them, that ye may live,
and go in and possess the land which The LORD [YHWH], God
[Mighty One] of your fathers giveth you.
2 Ye shall not add unto the Word which I command you,
neither shall ye diminish ought from it,
that ye may Keep the Commandments of The LORD, God [YHWH Eloha] Which I Command You.
Deut 4:1-2

15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve YHWH (Yahuah\ Jehovah \Yahweh)
[the one called “The Lord“ “the Name” & “G-d“], choose you this day whom ye will serve;
whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the great river
[Euphrates?], or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell…
but as for me and My House, we will serve “YHWH” [entitled] “The Lord”!
Historical Fact;
(The Actual Name used in these text’s is literally “YHVH\YHWH” or Yahuah\Yehovah\Yahweh)2B shown soon.
Josh 24:15

there is none good but one, that is, [God] “Yahuah\Yehovah\Yahweh…”:
but if thou wilt enter into life, Keep the Commandments.
Matt 19:17

Because The Fathers Word is the standard we are to live by, And Messiah is the express living embodiment of “what to do, & how to do it” as the Father instructed us Thru Moses} & if you as the reader have not been convinced of the importance of His Word and Keeping it by the end of reading this letter of Love please let me know where I am wrong and where I went wrong thank you.” 
  יהוה I will Show the Importance of Knowing, Respecting and Properly Honoring The Name Of the Father { YHWH \ YHVH - The Name He Specifically Gave To Moses On the Mountain to tell The children of Israel Who He was and How to Refer to Him.
And It is written over and over [around 6828 times] throughout the entire group of the Original Manuscripts.
Here it is in the anglicized translation;

[4  Our Redeemer, “the LORD” [YHWH] of hosts is His Name,
The Holy One of Israel.
Isaiah 47;4
the actual Hebrew version of this verse- right to left
 Isa 47:4   גאלנו יהוה צבאות שׁמו קדושׁ ישׂראל׃

You can see His Name [YHWH] used thousands of times in both the first & following Phases called testaments’ and changed or covered with replacement titles in each case as the tradition of man demands.
I Will Show that The Descendants’ of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the Fathers people chosen for a specific purpose and that He {YHWH\YHVH} Gave the Children of “Israel”
The “Promised” “Land“ (and actually predicted to be called the “Land {Eretz}” of “Israel {Yisrael}” circa 590bce [Ch 20 vs.42] 2600+\- years ago, fulfilling even more prophetic declarations‘]).
Ezekiel 7:2(Hebrew Old Testament)right to left
 ואתה בן־אדם כה־אמר אדני יהוה לאדמת ישׂראל קץ בא הקץ על־ארבעת כנפות הארץ׃

{Ha-eretz} land                             {YIsrael}   {YHWH} {Adoni}

(Jewish Publication Society - translation)  'And thou, son of man, thus saith “the Lord {Adoni} GOD” {YHWH} concerning the {land {Eretz}} of {Israel}: An end! the end is come upon the four corners of the land.

And just in case the previous verse was not convincing enough;

Eze 20:41  With your sweet savour will I accept you, when I bring you out from the peoples, and gather you out of the countries wherein ye have been scattered; and I will be sanctified in you in the sight of the nations.
Eze 20:42  And ye shall know that I am “the LORD“ [YHWH], when I shall bring you into the land of Israel, into the country which I lifted up My hand to give unto your fathers.
Eze 20:41 & 42
Eze 20:41  בריח ניחח ארצה אתכם בהוציאי אתכם מן־העמים וקבצתי אתכם מן־הארצות אשׁר נפצתם בם ונקדשׁתי בכם לעיני הגוים׃

Eze 20:42  וידעתם כי־אני יהוה בהביאי אתכם אל־אדמת ישׂראל אל־הארץ אשׁר נשׂאתי את־ידי לתת אותה לאבותיכם׃

And that they Have a right to Live there from now on! One day, in Peace and Safety.
But we know they can not Have true Peace until the Prince of Peace
[Messiah] Comes and establishes His Dominion In the City where
The Father chose to put His “Name”, His “Peace” and eventually will Establish His “Throne” in His Eternal “Home” the “New “Yahrushalom.

Most of the Facts we are going to share have been Censored, squelched and repressed by some very powerful and influential Sociopolitical and
Pseudo-Religious people that have devoted a lot of effort on their part and have invested even more of our monies than we care to be aware of, and very much to lose if discovered So they do not want You or Me to Know.

The exploration and examination of these Rediscovered Treasures hidden in cryptic Iconic communication has enriched my Knowledge, capabilities, awareness, confidence and Faith.
I have found much of it to be fascinating, but sometimes it was tedious and monotonous digging through a lot of manure looking for Historical verification.
My Goal is to examine and attempting to apply the “Manuel for our existence” that speaks of “Immanuel
to my Faith, philosophy, methods, mannerisms, belief’s and behavior.

These are just a taste of the details in store for anyone willing to tread through the mire of my idiosyncratic’ References with numerous and various allusions and foolish attempts at Cryptic Highbrow Humor.

Please Feel free to prove me wrong, or attempt an honorable examination
of the facts to confirm that I may be right.
Either way please let me know what you think;
Always remember and never forget;
It is more important for me to be right, than to merely think I’m right
[and foolishly be errant, arrogant and dogmatic, which is opposed to being
Educated, Well Informed, Certain and Confident].

Please explore and enjoy